Pathfinder - Wrath of the Righteous; A Kingmaker follow-up that supports turn-based gameplay now!

The first expansion reads like “post-credits” type content with very high level, so I’d have liked to have a save game I could have pulled to jump into that. :(

I guess I could start a new game and play through while I wait for this to get fixed.

EDIT: I reported this on Discord and see other’s having this issue as well - and not at my specific part of the game, but across all chapters and trying to load into different world map locations. Hopefully a fix is incoming, and that’s good that it’s not just me - I can just wait until it’s patched.

Hmm, bad aspect of this monk/vivesectionist/witch/RDD is that at 6th level I didn’t the second attack/round like most classes.

Witch and DD both nerf your BAB, yeah. The 5 stackable AC you get out of them is worth an awful lot, though!

And the +4 STR from taking 4 levels of DD.

Only class bonuses stack with BAB.

Wizards/Witches and Sorcerer’s get 1 BAB per 2 levels

Clerics/Shaman/Rogues/Bards get 3 BAB per 4 levels

Fighters/Monks/Barbarians get 1 per level

You get a second attack when you hit 6 BAB, (6/1) a third at 11 (11/6/1) and a fourth at 16 (16/11/6/1)

Without mods, the game doesn’t do fractions.

Bonuses are applied on top of BAB, but won’t give you extra attacks, even if you go over the threshold.

By the way, the DD gets 3/4 BAB.

Your build should be +1 for monk. +O for witch. +2 for Viv, +0 for DD so, you have a BAB of +3 right now at 6th level.

At 9th level, you should have the extra attack.

Well, so far my levels are

2 - witch
2 - vivesectionist
1 - monk
1 - DD

Still +3.

+1 for Witch,
+1 for Monk
+1 for Viv
+0 for DD

At 9th level
+1 for Witch
+1 for Monk
+1 for Viv
+3 for DD (at 4th level)

Good info to know. I’ll probably go monk for the remaining levels to get my BAB as high as possible.

As long as you get BAB 16, you get max levels. I would try for eldritch Knight.

FWIW, I don’t think 16 BAB for the final attack per round is the be-all end-all. I mean, better than not having that attack, but not anything I’d worry all that much about optimizing for.

@John_Reynolds are you using a weapon or unarmed? If you’re unarmed, you really don’t have any choice but to Monk it up. If you’re using a monk weapon, you can kinda do whatever. Don’t sleep on Fighter or Slayer; the bonus feats and sneak attack/weapon training are yuuuuge.

The last attack is only 1 BAB, but you start stacking bonuses on it, and well, you are bound to hit with that 4th attack once in a while.
Course, it works best when you have a build dedicated to Strength or Dexterity, and have feats and powers that increase attack.

You get +10 or +15 in bonuses, and you 1 BAB final attack becomes +11 or +16.

I’m now thinking of respecing and dropping vivisectionist and going with 2 levels in mutagen fighter, doing the DD levels for the AC and STR, and then back to mutagen fighter for the remaining levels.

That’s probably a stronger build tbh.

Keep in mind that Flurry of Blows is awesome (it’s basically dual wielding without the penalty), and you only get it using a Monk weapon. If I were building that kinda dude, I’d go with Quarterstaff Master and boop all the snoots.

I’m hitting the slideshow in early Act 4.

Don’t remember it being much of an issue in my first run until Thresholdish and even then it wasn’t this bad. Like you said, it’s probably an issue of buff and items that I didn’t have or something.

Or mounts because mounts seem to break everything all the time (and Seelah charging and moving seems by far the worst offender of the slideshow stuff).

I’ve been using a scythe, but that’s an easy thing to fix for a q-staff respec. Which made me almost go 2-handed fighter rather than mutagen.

The game is really good at forgetting you have stuff equipped. Daeran’s FoM boots are the most noticeable because they provide a buff icon, but it also forgets his bracers of Clear Purpose that let him heal without provoking an AOO. … What other items is it forgetting?

I had a very cool cloak on my Angel oath character that changed his blade of heaven from 2d6 to 4d6 in theory, but it didn’t work in practice. Huge bummer.

I was thinking about a run with a lot of pets. However, only 2 companions can get pets as far as I know.
Seelah can get a horse pet, and Solisol can get one through a mythic pick. I do plan on having my main character a s a demonslayer ranger type with the Azata mythic, so that gives me a total of 4 pets. Is there a way to get more? I actually prefer Daeren to Solisol, but I do not think he can get a pet.

I also plan on being archer heavy with 3 archers, myself, Lann, and the succubus Ashea…however you spell her name. I think this will be some insane DPS considering how Lann just murders the hell out of everything. Lann x 3 has to be ungodly.

There is mystery with a pet and a domain with a pet, if you want to use a mythic feat.

I looked at all of those, maybe I missed it.