Pathfinder - Wrath of the Righteous; A Kingmaker follow-up that supports turn-based gameplay now!

I just respec’d my newest toon yet again to take advantage of flurry of blows with a quarterstaff. I didn’t have to respec, but my origin choice had gone scythe and I’d spent one feat on weapon focus for it, so those had to be changed over. It’s almost bewildering, but now at level 6 my unarmored monk has a AC of 33 when fully buffed.

I do not know about that, there are still some bullshit fights where I crank the difficulty down.
I wish the npcs/ monsters followed the actual rules and had some explanation of why they can do what they do.
For example, when taking drezen there is a level 16 wizard lady (in the are where the sacrifices are happening). If you stop the sacrifices, you have to fight her. Now this “wizard” had like 6 attacks around that hit for minimum of 30 points. Huge AC, insane resistances, etc… So I killed her by cheese when the pit spells still ran when time was paused. Then I loot her corpse and she has like a =1 dagger, +1 amulet of natural armor and +2 ring or something. There is no reason should should have been that god powerful. No where even close, yet this game is full of bullshit like that.

I spec Nenio full on evocation nuker. Any kind of mind control / illusion stuff is almost pointless in the higher levels. It only works on trash mobs and everything else is just like “Immune to charm/ mind affecting/confusion/paralize/etc…” even if their will save is 4, it doesn’t matter. The only reliable thing that works is pure damage. Its terrible design.

They need an endless dungeon mode. I am a bit tired of the main campaign, but I still want to try out some of the other mythic stuff.

It gives you +4 levels, up to your character level. Perfect for Bloodriders, Clerics with the Animal Domain, and Rangers.

I look forward to it!

All the Youtuber love Control Nenio it seems. Phantasm Killer this and Phantasm Killer that.

They have certainly made Throwing Builds stronger.

I do like the changes they made from Traits to Backgrounds, and how skills have been simplified (But every class still gets 2 skill points or more). It looks like, for skill points, each class gets 2 skill points, Plus their regular skill points over 2 cut in half.

So, 2 + (X-2)/2. This makes fighters/Paladins/Wizards/Clerics and the like a bit stronger, because they lose no skill points.

Anyway, with the exception of Prestige classes, I’m keen on those level 20 abilities, so I’m always sticking with Single Class Characters.
Plus, I think you get extra hitpoints for favored class bonuses.

You’re right. I got confused because I followed the Neoseeker build for Seelah and she had a wolf at level 2 that leveled up with her. Turns out that was a weird paladin thing.

Wait, Seelah the Paladin had a wolf? How does that work? She only had a horse option for me.

There is that. Take a chance on a very low roll, perhaps natural 1 only, and insta kill a monster assuming its not immune or do 60 points of damage to everything in a large area without hurting anyone in your party.

It works OK.

What difficulty are you playing on, because the monsters I am talking about general have saving throws in the 30s.

I am not saying the phantasmal killer never works. It does, but takes a fair amount of luck to get it to stick , and toward the end of the game most mobs are immune to mind affecting stuff, but whatever. I have not found those spells to work very well for me.

That’s a lotta DC.

That is a trick. If you take a level in class that provides an animal companion, then all levels stack, even if you would get a different animal companion type with the current class.
So, if you take a Beast Cavalier, and take a Wolf, when you later switch to the Sohei, I think you have the decision to stick with wolf or grab the horse. They all stack though.

It is, and I have no idea how he got it so high. The base DC for a level 9 spell is 19 + int modifer, so even if he got another 10 out of that, its 29 and then he must have a bunch of gear. I have found a ring that improves it by +2, and a few other things, but they do not always stack.

So if Seelah has a wolf from a cavalier, then when her paladin level gets to the point of a pet or sword, she can have a choice between a horse and wolf? Or she chooses the holy weapon option and her wolf continues to level up?

Spell Focus, Greater Spell Focus, Mythic Spell Focus, that should give +4, correct?
So, that’s 23 before Intelligence bonuses.

I want to say - Wolf or Sword, but it might be Wolf/Horse or sword.
Definitely, Wolf is an option.

I’m just sad that my Bloodrider now has a stupid horse. I was freakin HeMan for a while.

They just need a character builder so you can put stuff together and see what happens without having to actually level them up, then save it as a template that you can follow in game.

There are also feats: Spell Focus (Illusion) and Greater Spell Focus, and Mythic Spell Focus to double those (so +4 in total). There are quite a few items you can get to raise spell DC. Very effective for enchanter or illusion based casters.

Is there a way around all the mind immune stuff? I know about the elemental thing that bypasses fire resistance and immunity. Is there a thing for illusions as well?