Pathologic 2

I hope they’ve eased-up on the difficulty a bit, or whatever else it was that always stymied my attempts to get into it. I really want to love Pathologic, but plying it always seemed a bit much. It might not have been a difficulty issue, maybe it was some UI problem or something. The presentation was certainly rough. But what atmosphere!

If anyone is on a mailing list for Ice-Pick Lodge or TinyBuild you may have received an email to get a key for a demo for Pathologic 2 recently.

The demo features two intros, part of the first game day and the unique ending , which won’t be available in the final version of the game.

Full game releases May 23rd.

Put about 2 hours into the demo, but ran out of time before finishing everything. Might give it another go tomorrow, but it’s pretty awesome so far. Loving the atmosphere and soundtrack. The game is creepy as hell. Looks like there are ferrymen now to take you all over the town. That should help remedy one of the bigger flaws of the original, which were the tedious walks all the way across town. Looks like you can only save in certain places, which is good for me since I would savescum like crazy otherwise. I’m glad they are starting off with the Haruspex, he was the character I played the most in the original. It’s really cool how both familiar and new it all is. It still needs some extra polish and bug fixes though.

Nice trailer.

I hope this time the game is slightly easier.

Did they announce it for consoles?

Keys are up on the backer portal. FYI.

RPS didn’t like it, it seems to be as harsh survival game as the original

Would be so hard to have a fucking difficulty selection option?

It’s coming to PS4 at some point, and if you backed the KS, you can wait until that’s out to redeem your reward. I originally intended to get it there, but I may pull the trigger on the Steam version because I’m not sure I’ll have a PS4 when it’s available for it.

The comment section is full of people explaining that it’s supposed to be miserable. You’re supposed to hate playing it and resent every moment. It’s a design sensibility that’s supposed to be making the player feel like the protagonist does. I’m not sure I have enough hours in my days to seek out that kind of experience. It also seems like, from the review, that the miserable gameplay gets in the way of the worldbuilding, narrative, and atmosphere, which seems to undermine the point of it. I’m not sure this game is for me.

I’m actually into games about careful resource management and being always thrifty, but I’m not into feeling miserable and repeating sections of game a dozen of times until I do it pitch perfect. :(

Hah, I remember save-scumming like crazy in order to never get infected by the Sand Plague.

I mean, on the one hand, it kind of defeats the purpose of making a game about living through an epidemic, but on the other… well, I guess they didn’t make this game any less of an ordeal than the last one, it seems?

That’s why I liked not being able to save everywhere in the demo. In the first game I’d get hit by a cloud of plague and immediately reload the game. I’m gonna try to roll with the punches more this time around.

If there is a ton of outcry that it is too difficult I think they will patch it. I remember The Void ended up getting a difficulty patch.

I would argue that most survival horror games are sort of anti-fun to play. It’s kind of interesting that Ice Pick Lodge games run the risk of actually becoming unwinnable, I ran into that with The Void.

Oh God, The Void is the worst.

Really interesting like all Ice Pick Lodge games, but the worst…

The whole game is built on the concept of obfuscating the world’s rules, which is already a risky proposition. But then the game is slow, repetitive, has wonky mouse drawing recognition AND constantly throws deadlines and almost unwinnable fights at you.

But hey, it has naked ladies writhing in the aether and the colors start speaking to you.

I thought the Void was easier than Pathologic.

If I remember the Void correctly, it was not so much that the gameplay was difficult, it was that you had to grind farming colors forever to do anything. I ended up using cheats to get colors when I needed them, otherwise I never would have finished it. Some of the boss fights were great though. By the time I got to Pathologic, the extreme difficulty coupled with the UI put me off from getting too far. Was looking forward to the sequel/remake, and still am, but the whole ‘difficulty is part of the design’ thing has far less appeal to me as I age.

Ice Pick Lodge are compromising a bit and will be adding a difficulty slider to the game in the coming weeks. Unfortunately this slider will change the game from the current “lifechanging experience it is now” to something lesser that the unwashed masses might enjoy.

Which is, of course, understandable. Not everyone wants a life-changing experience every time they launch a game. Sometimes people only want a cursory glance.

Yay, then!

I still want a hard, stressful survival experience. But there is ‘hard’, ‘very hard’ and ‘Russian hard’ level of harshness, you know?

I honestly have no problems with difficulty options in any game, as long as they always leave in the option (preferably the default) to play it as the devs intended.

I never got close to finishing Pathologic, but I really loved what they were trying to do, and always intended to try it again. Which I never did, but I’ve been considering buying the new one because… the little masochist in me really wants to.

And if I do buy it, my first attempt will definitely be the way the devs intended, and I’m assuming they will make that option obvious, since they really are pushing players to please try it that way.

I missed the 10% launch discount, and I wish they had offered a discount for owners of the previous game.