Patreon and Q23 switching away from vBulletin

Get rid of metrics in general! The best metric is the content of a post, not some other enumerator. Be a reader, not a counter!

The new test forum doesn’t recognize me. I had an account on the older test forum. Am I doing something wrong?

There is no correlation between Clay’s test forum with the one set up by wumpus. You should be using your email address to logon to

There should really be an FAQ about this, both for this test and the real migration as it seems to confuse people.

How do I log on to the migration test/real migrated Qt3 forum?

  1. The migrated forum contains all user names and emails from the live Qt3 forum ( Passwords have NOT been decrypted and carried over (for obvious security reasons).

  2. It is not in any way related to Clay’s test forum (

  3. To log on to the new migration test forum:

  1. You will have to do this again for the real migration (the migrated forum address will obviously not be q23.ajalan…) as the final migration will again create a forum from scratch using the very latest state of the Qt3 user base.

@Wendelius - probably better for you to replace Qt3 with the full URL because Clay’s test site is

I wrote the draft on my phone, so was a bit lazy with the URLs, but good point. Clarified now.


Just type in your bad 5 character password twice ;)

Also: The read markers seem ok for me, taking into account they’re a week old.
edit: No, they’re not. They’re set at my last post in a thread, even if that was weeks ago :(

I took a look at some threads, e.g.:

Some problems have already been reported. So here they are in brief:

  • Lists don’t work at all

  • Nested tags don’t seem to work? But sometimes they do, e.g. some of the linked-image posts I made in the game frame game thread…

  • Markup is being applied to old content, e.g. ^"#1 Imperialism II {Nightgaunt}"$ becomes a header.

  • Links to other threads on QT3 still go to the real QT3. It’d be nice if they went to the new discourse version.

  • Markdown lists don’t seem to go past 100, whereas CraigM’s is up to 390 across multiple posts. I don’t know if this is all Markdown lists or just the incorrectly imported ones.

  • Deleted posts are back1!!! new vs old

  • At least on my screen, the next image I posted a few posts later completely destroyed everyone’s avatar placement.

  • CTRL+F is hijacked by Discourse… fine… but can it highlight the thing I’m looking for in the wall of text ?

edit at least strikeout works!
edit: Check out 1854 in that thread. It’s been edited on the current QT3 one but isn’t listed as so. (Note that my post on discourse, #1855, is #1847 on discourse – due to deleted posts?)
My top replies etc is basically nonsense. I doubt that’s important. But will it “sort itself out” once we start posting on the new forum? Or are we stuck with posts from 10 years ago?
(ps my top post is this one. I used an footnote * in that post. Go ahead and try to find it the matching asterisk in the body of my post. You’ll probably run into the fact that Ctrl+f is hijacked by Discourse so I can’t search for that asterisk :/)


It kind of drives me mad that discourse presents things as “Jun 16” and “Jan '16”. I’d prefer “16 Jun” and “Jan '16”. Is there going to be an option for proper dd/mm/yy or yy/mm/dd style dates? :P

Just press it twice to get the normal browser CTRL+F function.

I’ve just read that myself over on after ANGRILY GOOGLING IT. I wouldn’t mind if it was at least useful and highlighted the word in question, yet it simply takes you to the top of the wall-of-text-post.

But thanks! Hopefully others can see this and learn that behaviour.

On your other point, about date formatting… Discourse has a setting that can allow users to select a UI language. I’d be surprised if the localization didn’t include data formatting. I turned it on over at – have a look in your user profile. One thing you could do is to simply clone the US/en settings and make a en-gb setting, changing date formatting. It would probably just take a few minutes. You might have to contribute it back to the Discourse repository for it to show up, though (not sure – you’d have to check with Wumpus).

Proper would be YYYY-MM-DD :-)

Well, I am concerned about links from new users because it could link to all kinds of malware sites. “Check out the newest trailer, it’s mind-blasting!” and linking to a malware drop site. I’m m not going to get a bad link from either of you, but newguy137? Who knows!

Also, new users may get a bit of slack for not knowing what the unspoken rules of the community are. We’d also know whether they have been long-time lurkers or should be greeted with a virtual hug.

I was thinking of ISO 8601 when I typed it, I just messed up. :’(

I’ll have a poke in the settings Clay. I did have a look previously but didn’t spot the localisation/language setting.

I’m not going to bother checking out a trailer unless it’s either visceral or visually stunning.

Hey, in the test forum I was able to change my tag pretty easy, just wondering if that will be possible in the new one? Or will I need to ask Tom to do that for me?

That’s a setting that I turned on. I don’t think it is on by default – take a look at the test migration site and see if you can do it there.

OK! Current plan is to grab the data wednesday and begin the final migration with all our migration tweaks everyone reported, which will take four days.

So tentatively switch over roughly Monday 6/20?

I need Tom to post in the official topic, but he said he preferred a four day period where we warn people their posts will be lost in the migration rather than a four day period of read-only state.

Jeff, can you coordinate with me before announcing stuff on the forum? We’ve already got a fair bit of confusion going here. And if by “Wednesday” you mean tomorrow, I’d like a bit more advance notice than that, especially if it means putting the forum in limbo for four days!


Plus it would be awkward timing with so much E3 stuff left to discuss!

I try to communicate via email but my emails go unanswered for 24 hours! I’m just sayin’ man!

Sorry I just checked, only 16 hours.

It doesn’t work for me. I changed my email on this forum and the new forum doesn’t recognize my new email or my old one when I try to do a password reset. I’m not sure what to do.