Patreon and Q23 switching away from vBulletin


There’s a risky click if I ever saw one.


LOL yeah, I’m not touching that with someone else’s ten foot pole.


Sir! I think what you do with my pole is entirely @Adam_B’s business!


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There if you guys can just mentally copy-paste that every, I dunno, every five replies or so in every thread, I could save a lot of time I waste hanging out here :-)


RE: missing user profiles

From what I can tell, /u/[user] returns “does not exist or is private” for accounts that have been closed, but also for accounts that were inactive (?) at the time of the Discourse transition, e.g. @jerri_blank and @Mink_Staccato, may they rest in peace.

Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?

Both of those links actually work for me. Maybe they’re hidden from non-admin users.


Yeah, “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”


This is almost certainly what is happening then. I can’t even click on the names.


I had to right-click and open in a new tab to see where the links lead.


They aren’t listed as active users, that must be why you can’t see their profiles. But anyway, yes they were migrated.


If i recall, at the time of migration, we were informed that accounts would need to be “activated” on the new forums by clicking through an email or something similar, esp. for accounts that had some other issue. I forget the exact details, but I’m sure @wumpus could provide more.

Anyway, point is, if your account pointed to a dead email, or if you just ignored it and never tried to login at all, it never fully became live on the new system. Posts were preserved, but you never gain a full profile or whatever, I guess.


What would it take to make profiles of inactive accounts viewable by ordinary users? Easily doable?


Beats me, bruh.


At least 8 posters there come up as 404 when clicking into profile. I’ve come across tens more just browsing threads that get bumped up or whatever. I recognise some as being banned, but not all or even the majority.


reasing these old post has to feel like tomb raiding :-)


Poor Tom, have to manually update Patreon status - but I appreciate having something fresh to read than the boring old “Patron!” text.


I don’t mind in the least! I would have preferred that you guys could change it at will. But to Discourse’s credit, it’s super easy for me to change a user title.



This is like choosing a nickname for yourself. It never ends well.


The “Dwayne Johnson” Rock.