Patreon and Q23 switching away from vBulletin


Thanks - that does look interesting! I’ll look into that. Much appriciated, @stusser.


I suggest sending him an email to let him know you’re doing it, so he doesn’t assume the venmo notification telling him he has money waiting is spam.


Venmo is owned by Paypal, fwiw.


Square cash works the same way, sending an email to a non-registered user telling them to sign up to claim their clams.


Thanks, @stusser. To minimize transaction costs I think I’ll just make a yearly contribution from now on.


And there’s also Google Wallet, which is again is essentially the same thing. Really quite a few nearly identical P2P systems out there these days.


You can always send Tom a check!


Does he accept Western Union?


I always think of that song by the Monkees* whenever I hear that name. Yes I’m old.

*or whoever actually sang it.


Maybe I can just mine some bitcoins.




Yeah, maybe I’ll do a yearly donation via Paypal. Then I’ll miss out on his cool Patron postings though.


Tom’s $10 tier Patron postings are a joy, and the only reason I would consider keeping my contribution rather than switching to some other method.


I agree with you there. The monthly Pateon review videos are excellent.

I’m not changing my Tom Chick support, but the other 12 Pateon creators I was supporting are going to be out about $65 in total.


As usual, someone has something good going and then they always have to go and screw with it. Because they want more money.

And all this bleating about how it’s purely a decision for the creators… does anyone believe that?

If I had a bunch of small pledges I’d be cancelling them right now but thankfully I only really support this site. :)


Ditto. Canceled my other pledges. Keeping this one. This is not a good move by Patreon; and the email is disingenuous.


I’ve already begun seeing this. Sigh.


If you send money to Tom via PayPal as gift, instead of as a vendor, there’s no transaction fees. Or has that changed?

Edit: I think PP does not charge a fee but your credit card bank does.


Technically, yes, but PayPal will probably wonder why so many friends of his are sending him money suddenly.


Paypal charges that 2.9% + 30 cents when you deposit money via credit card, it’s the merchant bank fee.