Patreon and Q23 switching away from vBulletin


Square cash works the same way, sending an email to a non-registered user telling them to sign up to claim their clams.


Thanks, @stusser. To minimize transaction costs I think I’ll just make a yearly contribution from now on.


And there’s also Google Wallet, which is again is essentially the same thing. Really quite a few nearly identical P2P systems out there these days.


You can always send Tom a check!


Does he accept Western Union?


I always think of that song by the Monkees* whenever I hear that name. Yes I’m old.

*or whoever actually sang it.


Maybe I can just mine some bitcoins.




Yeah, maybe I’ll do a yearly donation via Paypal. Then I’ll miss out on his cool Patron postings though.


Tom’s $10 tier Patron postings are a joy, and the only reason I would consider keeping my contribution rather than switching to some other method.


I agree with you there. The monthly Pateon review videos are excellent.

I’m not changing my Tom Chick support, but the other 12 Pateon creators I was supporting are going to be out about $65 in total.


As usual, someone has something good going and then they always have to go and screw with it. Because they want more money.

And all this bleating about how it’s purely a decision for the creators… does anyone believe that?

If I had a bunch of small pledges I’d be cancelling them right now but thankfully I only really support this site. :)


Ditto. Canceled my other pledges. Keeping this one. This is not a good move by Patreon; and the email is disingenuous.


I’ve already begun seeing this. Sigh.


If you send money to Tom via PayPal as gift, instead of as a vendor, there’s no transaction fees. Or has that changed?

Edit: I think PP does not charge a fee but your credit card bank does.


Technically, yes, but PayPal will probably wonder why so many friends of his are sending him money suddenly.


Paypal charges that 2.9% + 30 cents when you deposit money via credit card, it’s the merchant bank fee.


What if you have PayPal take the money from your checking account?


Just a suggeston, Revolut has apparently landed in the USA. I and many of my friends across Europe have been using it for years, and it offers instant transfers, free currency conversion (up to a monthly limit), and even provides a virtual and physical debit card.

I can convert €10 to Zloty instantly and at interbank rates, and send it to a friend in Poland who will receive it within seconds.


There is no fee if you link your checking account, but I wouldn’t be comfortable doing that. Even a debit card is safer, you get some protection there.