Patreon and Q23 switching away from vBulletin


I always think of that song by the Monkees* whenever I hear that name. Yes I’m old.

*or whoever actually sang it.


Maybe I can just mine some bitcoins.




Yeah, maybe I’ll do a yearly donation via Paypal. Then I’ll miss out on his cool Patron postings though.


Tom’s $10 tier Patron postings are a joy, and the only reason I would consider keeping my contribution rather than switching to some other method.


I agree with you there. The monthly Pateon review videos are excellent.

I’m not changing my Tom Chick support, but the other 12 Pateon creators I was supporting are going to be out about $65 in total.


As usual, someone has something good going and then they always have to go and screw with it. Because they want more money.

And all this bleating about how it’s purely a decision for the creators… does anyone believe that?

If I had a bunch of small pledges I’d be cancelling them right now but thankfully I only really support this site. :)


Ditto. Canceled my other pledges. Keeping this one. This is not a good move by Patreon; and the email is disingenuous.


I’ve already begun seeing this. Sigh.


If you send money to Tom via PayPal as gift, instead of as a vendor, there’s no transaction fees. Or has that changed?

Edit: I think PP does not charge a fee but your credit card bank does.


Technically, yes, but PayPal will probably wonder why so many friends of his are sending him money suddenly.


Paypal charges that 2.9% + 30 cents when you deposit money via credit card, it’s the merchant bank fee.


What if you have PayPal take the money from your checking account?


Just a suggeston, Revolut has apparently landed in the USA. I and many of my friends across Europe have been using it for years, and it offers instant transfers, free currency conversion (up to a monthly limit), and even provides a virtual and physical debit card.

I can convert €10 to Zloty instantly and at interbank rates, and send it to a friend in Poland who will receive it within seconds.


There is no fee if you link your checking account, but I wouldn’t be comfortable doing that. Even a debit card is safer, you get some protection there.


That’s neat, except when I was in Poland, ten złoty wouldn’t even buy you a replacement button for your shirt.

Edit: Oh sorry, I misread. Ten Euros to złoty.


I would be happy to transfer 0.000571 bitcoins to Tom each month.


Well I only support two Patreons, so I’ll keep supporting Tom this way as long as he supports it, but it’s certainly going to discourage me from considering more in the future. It’s bonkers that they’re adding the fee for each pledge when it’s a single transaction on the banking side.


They’ve posted an update stating that the reason they’re doing this is a switch to separate CC charges for each pledge, rather than having them all grouped together. And why are they doing that? So that they can bill immediately, rather than only at the start of the next month, which apparently is important for the “Patreon as a paywall” use cases.

So turns out they’re not actually greedy assholes. Instead they’re total morons who didn’t understand where the value proposition of the service was. Unfortunately the outcome is still the same; I canceled half my pledges.


That makes more sense, but I think it’s still the wrong move. I see drawbacks to every situation. The Patreon as a paywall thing is problematic when people aren’t billed immediately. If they compromised and grouped all recurring subscriptions monthly into a single transaction and just billed separately for the first time you subscribed, you’d either be again short-changing the paywall model with a pro-rated first month, or overcharging the customer in other situations with a full price in the middle of the month. I’m sympathetic that there are no great answers here.

But I think what they’re doing now is the worst option.