Patreon and Q23 switching away from vBulletin




Question: is there some notification option that puts the number on your avatar in the upper right corner, but doesn’t send emails (which always arrive way too late anyway compared to how long they took with vBulletin)? If not, there should be.


Oh yessssss!


Under Account>Preferences>Emails, you can click off “Send me an email when someone quotes me” etc, and also separately turn off “Send me an email when someone messages me”.


Thanks for the reply. So if I’m understanding correctly, the trick is to set threads you’re interested in to “watching” then do as you indicate to stop the emails. That way you still get the avatar notification without the emails? Would that also stop the general thread reply email notification and not just the ones from quoting/messaging?


The only emails I get are if people directly message me. So I assume so?


Eating Crickets wins! Yay. I can finally find out if it’s as non-appetizing and crunchy as it sounds.


Maybe he can roll the whole “eating crickets” thing into his review of Andy Daly’s Review?


Watch September’s Patreon requests video to find out if Tom gets into a car accident while driving and reading a list and explaining and counter-recommending things. Jeez. This is too tense.


He needs to step up his game and get a helicopter to film those “in the wake of the car” shots to intersperse with his monologue that would show the dust being kicked up behind Tom while he drives pell-mell for Barstow on the edge of the desert.


Long as he doesn’t stop there. That’s bat country.


It does get pretty lonely out there…



It never would have occurred to me a video of me driving was distressful. Sorry about that. But you guys don’t, like, glance at stuff while you’re driving?

By the way, one of my favorite Pinball FX tables, Epic Quest, has the hero saying, “Bat country! Let’s stop here!”



It was suspenseful, not stressful! Next time, record the video while taking a bubblebath, with a toaster balanced on the edge of the tub.


This is where the monthly Patreon show goes off the rails, with each episode showing Tom doing some new activity while reading the review requests: mowing the lawn, doing the laundry, making tea, cleaning the bathroom…


It was pretty stressful/distressful for me. You weren’t just glancing at stuff, you were looking at the camera rather than the road a good amount of the time, consulting notes, and maintaining a “conversation”. Not a fan.


…jumping the shark…


Bungee jumping over a shark tank.


If it’s gonna be that kinda party, I’m gonna stick my … mouse pointer on the increase Patreon donation button.


Time to setup cameras all through the house and livestream EVERYTHING baby yeah