Patreon and Q23 switching away from vBulletin

And there it is! Always online confirmed! Didn’t we learn anything from the xbox one???

Always online is important to support the real money auction house, where you and your facebook friends and twitter followers can trade and sell likes, avatars, and badges with wild abandon. We fully anticipate a thriving bustling economy and compelling gameplay will ensue.

Rare badges, emojis, and avatar images drop from loot boxes at random intervals while posting. Keys to open loot boxes can be earned by scrolling through threads, but you can just buy them in the in-forum cash shop.

Huh, I’ve completely stayed out of this so far. Last year I only chimed in to say NO LIKES.

But I just checked the announcement thread and the sample forum. I must say it looks just fine. It’s fast too. Support.

If I could pay 100 dollars to get use of emojis for myself*

I would do it in a heartbeat.

*I wouldn’t use them in thread titles though, that is just garish :)

Regarding emoji, we can embed images so you could just do it that way if you really wanted. Ideally we would allow emoji inside post bodies but strip it from thread titles. Don’t believe that is possible in the default options though.

Look guys, I used to be trust level five, but I left my credentials at home. I gotta get into the secret Fives And Up club, though, man, I just gotta. I’m not a spammer or nothin, I swear. I just gotta get a few Likes together on the old account, is all. Just a couple. Surely you can spare a man a Like or two, huh?

Listen, I can, uh, make it worth your while, y’hear. I’ll, uh, I’ll do stuff, man.

Yeah, I was going crazy with Emojis on the test site, but that was for funsies. I agree that they shouldn’t be in thread titles, but I would love to have them in posts. But that isn’t a hill I am going to die on.


For whoever is thinking of leaving. :)

I hope we don’t end up with a narrow page again and endless scrolling is… meh. Literally everything else was excellent. Thanks to Clay, Scott and all the others for their work with the test forum and the look and feel and UX. I had no problem with vB, but I’m looking forward to the move.

My phone was making weird noises and I realized it was Tapatalk weeping at the news.

I’m not crazy about infinite scroll either, but it’s relatively minor until it proves to be a pain for the multi-thousand posts threads, if it ever does.

A few questions, and pardon me for jumping to the end of the thread, but I expect that’s how I will be handling infinite scroll threads too:

  1. Will we be able to toggle avatars off?

  2. Can we toggle off the icons?

I want a spare presentation. I don’t care if it’s the default for everyone or individual toggles I can use, but I want to be able to tone down the noise. It’s already much better.

Hurrah! I really dig what I’ve seen of Discourse and am looking forward to the change.

How did I end up in the Marvel Heroes thread?

Thanks to the wonders of infinite scroll, you really only need one thread that covers every topic in the known universe and any parallel ones.


Will there be an equivalent to the Mark Forums Read button found here?

I hope so, because I love that button since it keeps things nice and tidy with a single press!



Nice, for mobile browsing I mostly use Tapatalk for Qt3, XDA and some random forums. I’m already using mobile GAF, and looking forward to using a new Discourse-based shortcut on my phone. Everything looked fine on the test site.

I was sceptical about infinite scroll but I don’t think I’ll have a problem with it and may actually prefer it. Echoing others, great job by the people customizing the test site.

I’ve kept quiet (the initial post came up while I was camping, and when I got back ohmygod12pages), but I’m really thrilled about the front page/ forum integration. Another site I frequent, Gamers With Jobs, does the same thing, and I really like that.