Patreon and Q23 switching away from vBulletin

One thread to rule them all.

Here’s hoping the transition goes well.

Anyone reading this thread could see the writing on the wall. Well played letting the product speak for itself. Nerds love new toys.

The 7 stages of tech adoption:

1: eww, its not like what I’m used to
2: having/ not having X is going to be so horrible!
3: why would anyone ever design something to do it this way old method is obviously superior
4: Maybe it wouldn’t be the end of the world
5: tries it I like the old way better
6: gets used to new way/ tweaks new system more to liking you know, this isn’t so bad really
7: why was I so against this in the first place?

I joke, but as a novelty hog I’m intrigued by the possibilities.

Oh totally, while I still dislike infinite scroll, it probably will end up being an unnecessary change that doesn’t do much to change discussions at all, therefore not a big deal.

But seriously, I warned you all!!! :P



Harry!, you are going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Thats how I feel. Is going to be awesome, even in the parts where it is going to suck. But mostly awesome.

End of a fookin era

We need local Ye Olde Qt3 Farewell parties where we can all get pissed and nostalgic

Wow, switching to discourse. I like the test forum a lot so I am all in favour.

I pretty much stop at step 5, myself.

Hey, not everyone goes the full path ;)

I think I asked that question twice here and once over there and I’m reading the silence as “No.”

This thread exists in the test forum.

Great news about the switch. Discourse might not be my ideal forum software (the one now used by Pocket Tactics & Wargamer comes close) but it’s much better than ancient vBulletin. Decent mobile view and front page integration were long overdue.

Don’t particularly like this switch but its not that big a deal. hope everything goes smoothly and everything is as it seems to be in the end.

I like this news too. And getting Jeff involved is like getting Accenture’s best consulting team on the project, except that Jeff is better than ten of their consultants combined, and you’re not getting bent over and having your wallet ripped out of your pocket.

Thanks Jeff’s mom.

This is really funny! They probably will do another weird update once they learn about it (they will add infinite scrolling) :)

I loled.

Regarding the front page integration, I’m not 100% sure how it will work, but I do know how I’d like it to work. I’d like for people to be able to comment on front page articles without having to register an account. Barring that, I’d like them to be able to comment use quick guest accounts. Honestly, I don’t mind if people want to just call me names and move on. Like some of you, I find the trainwreck element kind of entertaining. But more importantly, I think it’s fair that someone be allowed to vent. If my opinion is going to be put out there, other people should be allowed to react publicly with their opinions. However, folks who want to participate in the rest of the forum would still need a vetted account.

As for how it will look, I’m hoping the Discourse thread will appear inside WordPress under the article. From the forum side, the top of the thread will have an easy link to the article.

Absolutely. All that white space was horrible. And although I love how the test forum currently looks, I wouldn’t mind inching a bit closer to the vBulletin nighttime skin. However, it looks like user-configurable skins might not be an option for the time being. But one of the cool things about Discourse is that we have the ear of someone instrumental in its development. I love the skin options on Qt3 and I can see that as being the sort of thing Discourse eventually adopts. One of the really exciting things about Discourse is that it’s young and limber.

I’m not sure which icons you mean, but probably no on both counts. At first, I really hated hated hated the avatars. But I have to admit, I’ve come around to them ever so slightly. Now I only hate hate them. If they were actually in squares instead of cute little round bubbles, I’d actually only hate them. I’d still like to tone down some of the visual avatar noise, but I’m afraid they’re going to be an integral part of Qt3 to some degree.

You and me both, old man. You and me both. :)

Nope, at this point, it’s just a matter of figuring out what needs to be done to migrate all our content and then setting aside a time to actually do it. I’ll let you all know as soon as the time is decided. I guess, as instant0 pointed out, everyone should verify that the email addresses for your account is current. The feedback on the test forum is helpful, so keep that coming as well.


I for one welcome our new, infinitely scrolling overlords.

all right, yay!

I’ll create another topic with details on the migration – this will take about two weeks to get everything together, and yes, all posts, users and content should be retained – but for now, I am SUPER glad someone brought this up:

Time to verify that your registered email is correct on VBB I would assume.

The SINGLE most important thing you can do to make sure the migration goes smoothly, is to MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE your email here on vBulletin is correct!

Email = identity to us, so if that isn’t correct… you’re gonna have a bad time. Please check!