Patreon and Q23 switching away from vBulletin

Habib this might be interesting for you:


Thanks interesting, Nesrie. Thank you! I have been lied to all these while! /shake fist at Google!

I had no idea either until someone showed me that article. I didn’t realize there was a difference between the e-mail services in that area.

Whoa, I didn’t know that either. You learn something new every day. Thanks, Nesrie.


Someday you guys are going to learn about putting a + in your gmail and it is going to blow yo minds.

Holy shit. I had no idea. I get snickers everytime I hand out my AOL account e-mail at stores and online retailers. It’s my spam e-mail… gets like 100 ads a day and some spam. Clearly there is a better way.

Oh but Google tells me unsubscribing is a pain with the + . Is that true?

I’ve probably relayed this anecdote here before, but some companies are either getting wise to, or fully unequipped to handle a + in email addresses. The IT guy at my utility company was right annoyed with me after the phone reps couldn’t figure out why my account didn’t work after a week’s worth of troubleshooting :)

Heh. I don’t actually use it - gmail built-in anti-spam plus the occasional user-created “this user (or domain) is never allowed to email me, ever” addition has kept my inbox perfectly usable after more than a decade of sole use.

As someone who has to take some troubleshooting between our system and random stuff that shows up between us and the vendors, I can appreciate that. My manager had to use his personal email address to even sign up with one of our insurance companies. It was like it was blocking on all the .edu addresses or something, and he knew it would just be faster to do that than get our exchange server staff to figure out what was keeping the registration e-mails from coming over.

Er, elaborate please!

Aw man, I was really hoping that I could just drop a lmgtfy link, but this was like three down the page and the overall results weren’t nearly as coherent as I’d hoped.

Ta, for the record, I tried googling first! :)

If pagination can’t be a thing, at the very least I’d like a manual “load more” button at the bottom of the page, so that I can be in charge of when the size of the page I’m reading is suddenly going to change.

I literally don’t even know how to reply to this. Are you terribly sensitive to the vertical size of the page currently loaded in your active browser window?

  • doesn’t work with all email services nor is it enabled by default if you try to set up your own postfix/dovecot/mail server. It’s great to have on Gmail, and very useful for spam addresses, etc… but isn’t always reliable elsewhere.

Edit: Sorry I’ve been largely AWOL since Tom’s announcement. I’m at a very busy conference and have a horrid head cold.

Don’t worry Clay you da real MVP here

Good luck and God Speed chaps :)

I’m still undecided on the javascript stuf (security etc), and my email for here is an old non used one, so i will need to get that all updated. So i have a few hurdles in my way which may hinder my move to the new place. It’s been a blast, enjoyed shooting the fat and wish Tom and Qt3 the very best, and maybe i’ll work out a way to join you all again, maybe not. You’ll need to find/nominate a New Socialist Old Capitalist replacement!

Edit: This is NOT a look i’m leaving so all leave me messages of sadness post! I’m british and just not emotionally built to be bothered that way. I just wanted to inform folks that might wonder where i am when on the Discourse forums, you know, to just be polite and give the info as to the why so YOU never need wonder about it. That is all :)

I will miss having to add ‘< br / >’ when editing my posts to keep the formatting!

Not, good enough Zak! No-one shall be left behind! If nothing else register under a dedicated addy and set up as pure mailing list subscriber and consume via your mail client of choice. No javascript or proxy issues. You’ll get immediate thread updates, or daily digest if you prefer and can even reply by email.

Are you crazy sharaleo! I’m expressly against web integration of anything, i link nothing to nothing (as well as possible). ;)

I can browse the Discourse site through my proxies (even if it messes up formatting, so readabilty is out the window), and may from time to time to check you are all well, but in general my attempts to use Discourse have not been great, Javascript being what it is, and web security being what it is (so in general ALL my web activity is run with NoScript blocking stuff). It is purely a technical clash that you can read up on (i’m forced to do more reading now to see if i can safely use Discourse or not), but in general injection of javascript IS one of the principle concerns, so having to use a forum built on Javascript functionality just sort of clashes, unfortunately, so far as my current understanding and following of the tech informs me (and i am reading up more on the subject).

Sometimes you just have to let go, and sometimes you do indeed have to leave people behind. It is never nice, but sometimes it is just the way it is.

How does Discourse’s Search compare to vB’s? I rarely use feature here myself, but I’m almost certain that a lot of other people do.