Patreon and Q23 switching away from vBulletin

Javascript is not the evil you are talking about. Especially not when run for a reputable platform on a site like Qt3. As Wumpus pointed out earlier, Discourse is also nicely self contained when it comes to network traffic and what resources it accesses. I really can’t follow (and I’m a web developer when I’m not working on the back end side of things) why you think you can’t come over to Discourse and allow the scripts required there apart from a blanket strategy of treating the whole of the web with the same level of suspicion. Of course, it’s totally your prerogative to do so.

I guess the one worry might be if Tom allows too many people to be admins who can alter the CSS and potentially some of the scripts on the forum. But I’m hoping that the changes to CSS and any scripts will be kept to a minimum and be vetted and applied by a single trusted source (if people want to experiment with more styling modifications, they should do so on a separate site).

For the record, I hope your reading will leave you more at ease and we’ll see you on the new site. You might be a bit “out there” when it comes to web security, but I’ve enjoyed your contributions to the forum.


It is in a different ballpark entirely. It’s very good and you don’t need to fall back to Google search. It also takes you directly to the post matching your criteria.


So, even email digest and answering via an email is no go too? Why not?

Holy shit snacks Robin, they’re really doing this! Looking forward to lurking in a whole new environment!

Carry on everyone, I’ll just be over here silently keeping a vigilant watch, you never know when the Joker might strike again!

I am the lurker you deserve…

Pff. You have nothing on my Ars Technica account. Nine posts in a decade.

Zak, you must make every effort to stay!
I’m a minor-league tin foil hatter, and I’ll be forced to lamely speak my mind without my major-league bro carrying the torch!

You’re a disgrace.

At the very least, Zak, hang around while we see if we can find a working solution for you. EVERYTHING on Discourse comes through an API that doesn’t require JavaScript, so it may be possible to use that fact to support tin foil qt3 browsing.

If I have time I can scrape something up for Zak and others, possibly with pages too!

Just … need … time …

aaand if willing I could try fork discourse and do some user side “hide avatars” toggles. Possibly wumpus may like it and accept a pull request…

Part of my hopes this is just an alt account, created to make this specific joke 6 years in the future ;)

Your best bet for the avatars would be to make it a plugin, most likely. That keeps it out of Discourse core, which makes it easier to implement, test, and deploy.

Though, for super long threads it seems to have a results cap. So, I don’t know how that will work.

You also can filter threads to a single user. If you’re viewing a thread, click on somebody’s avatar and then click the filter button on the user profile card. That way, if you know you’re looking for a post from somebody specific, you can find it more easily.

Edit: some info here:

As Clay mentioned, you can apply other types of filters. Also, if your search results for a thread return over 100 entries, you will generally want to refine the search terms a bit. Ain’t nobody got time to follow 300 hits.

All in all, the search experience is much better on Discourse.



Yeah, I was attempting to search the infinite scroll threads for posts by specific users, and it got a bit hairy as the thread went on, that kind of sorting solves the issue, though, I think most people will attempt a simple username search on the top right hand side first, as that is how we are programmed to search for things on a browser.

All part of the learning process.

I have a question for Tom involving front page integration. My assumption on how it works, based on reading these threads, is that a post on the front page generates a new forum thread.

Let’s say that Tom wants to make a post on the front page about the rumored Gwent standalone game, and he does so, thus creating a new forum thread for the Gwent standalone game. But, the people on this board never sleep, so they have already created a thread for it, and it already has ten posts. You’ve effectively split the discussion into two topics, which will 1) clutter up the board, and 2) force people to have the discussion in both threads along the lines of “Well, which one should we use? This one already has the discussion, but the other one is the one linked from the front page…”

So I guess I’m wondering whether this has been considered, or if it’s even a problem. Is there a way to choose when making a front page post whether you want to create a new thread or attach an existing one?

It’s super easy to merge topics, so perhaps an existing thread could be merged into a front page thread?

Wow, so this is actually happening, huh? That’s kind of amazing. Good luck with the migration y’all.

According to wumpus’ migration post, folks who come across front page articles and want to comment, will need to create a forum account to post.

  • Front page WordPress integration, so there will be one associated topic for each blog post, and replies to that topic will show up on the blog. Writing a “comment” will require clicking through to the forum and joining.

Since these are vetted/approved and users can’t login w/ Google/Facebook, etc comments up front may be a bit sparsely populated by newcomers.