Patreon and Q23 switching away from vBulletin


Per the poll the eyeball is winning (at time of writing, 51 voters, 27% of the vote), so I changed the patron group flair to that.

I also moved it down a bit on the avatar via the Patreon Button CSS @stusser so it aligns better, and the “tail” is below the avatar.


Looks good! Barring any complaints, I’m inclined to say we should stick with that. What does everyone think?



Of course it looks good… to you! We basically overlaid your avatar on everyone else’s avatar, you 👁️ diva!


holy cow - whats going on here? I’m away on vacation and once again everything changes? Please tell me there is an option to turn off the cult membership logo somewhere?


I don’t like the eye, or any of the other options really. I am sure this has already been discussed to death, but I would do the following in order of preference:

  1. Have patreon people be able to set up their own custom text and remove everything else.
  2. Leave the “Patron!” text and remove the little corner logo.
  3. Change the colour of people’s usernames to Patreon red and remove everything else.
  4. Have “This is a Patreon contributor’s post, please pay him or her due respect” be displayed in big bold letters before every post.


That part is actually kind of weird to me. Now my eye is catching on everything as if it’s stuff I posted. But I do like how the tail of the Q makes it clear this is something separate from the avatar itself. Those Patreon logos didn’t quite convey that.

Aww, since when it supporting the site a cult? I was hoping people would think of it as a token of appreciation, which is how it’s intended. And believe me, I’m the last guy who wants anything that might be construed as visual noise.

But I’m afraid it’s not an opt in thing as far as Discourse’s features go. However, some folks upthread figured out how to use a blocker to remove it. Scroll up a bit and you should see it.



Okay, thanks for responding. Its just annoying that once again I have to retort to third party programs to get the forums to what is to me an acceptable visual noise level - its change all the time, and I have no idea why its necessary for the great discussions going on here.

I dislike the icons, and would love to ditch them completely. I also don’t understand why the segregation of userbase here is necessary?
Usually, supporting someone via Patron is supposed to be a private thing, isn’t it? Whats next - levels of support added in the icons? Stars to posts to show your level of support? Its probably really easy to do!


Take a slow deep breath, dude. It’s a handful of pixels on an avatar image. :)

Edited to add emoticon to make sure my tone was understood.


Tone or not, you conveyed your message perfectly. If it’s of so little consequence, let’s dispense with them altogether then?


Cash monies to support the cause is of consequence.


Dear Lord… .

Edit: Since you insist on showing people who are patrons, whether we want it or not, I’ve had to make another change.

Its really sad that instead of giving options, you just change things, over and over and over. I know I’m a minority here, but its aggravating, especially since we actually DO support the site, and like the content, that this kind of stuff keeps happening. Its like the top 10 people here who decide everything by being top posters and shit, don’t understand a thing about how change affects surroundings and people.

I would try to argue this thing out with you guys, but we all know how that is going to end. Hell, just look at the few responses I’ve gotten so far.

While this seems like a small thing, its just a cherry on top of all the other small things that keeps happening here, starting with Discourse. Happily though, I’m free to do something about it!


Just wanted to say the Q-eyeball icon is spot on. And yet, I totally understand why @Razgon might not approves. It’s why I turned off to see other people’s signature when I joined any forum. I don’t need to see their l33t gears. But I kinda like the titles though especially if there’s a way for Patreon to customize that. Somehow, text is not so in your face and it gives character to the person behind it.



Alas, here lies poor avatar beret, taken from us far too young at the age of one day.


Titles I’m cool with, those are fun and a neat way to reward subscribers, but I have yet to see any element added to an avatar that doesn’t either look odd or detract from a carefully selected avatar, usually both.


Ok, we got it, change is bad, we hate and fear change.

Good news! Statistically speaking, you’ll be dead forever, like the rest of us, soon enough. Then you’ll see zero change for an eternity. Mission accomplished.

(Also, more seriously, how is this so different than what we had before, with the Patreon indicators? Certainly this is less in-yo-face than the bright orange patreon logo was.)


Those have only been around a few days and Razgon said he’s been away on vacation.


Whatever the site need is fine for me.

If the plan is to allow us to change our title. Thats a nice thing. It can be a avenue for creativity for some people.


Still don’t like it in principle, but the eyeball looks a hell of a lot better than the last two.


The eyeball actually means that @tomchick liked your post.


What’s up with this? Is the Patreon link rendering correctly?