Patreon and Q23 switching away from vBulletin


I dunno… the eyeball looks kinda weird. It does make it hard to spot an authentic tomchick post too. I voted beret but I didn’t think that was an official poll for an actual change? S/B would’ve been my choice.


Hey! My D20 has a tail!


Looks correct to me, matches their logo. Can you clarify what you mean?


Oh, weird. I thought their logo had a ball next to the line. WTF is up with that line?

Sorry for the false alarm.


Incorrect! 11 days by computer math!


The Patreon logo I have noticed ONLY appears at the bottom of their web page. The top of their page actually matches the top of Qt3 (and looks a helluva lot better than the dumb icon, either of them, did imo).


Interestingly… their favicon is inverted in colors…


It also didn’t roll a natural 20 anymore. Sad.


I’m pretty sure it did; it’s just shot from the side this time :)


So, their primary logo is now a single line.


While I don’t mind showing that I’m a supporter, I think that razgon makes a good point.


I actually don’t really like having a little symbol on my icon showing I’m a supporter. Not strongly enough that I’m going to do anything or even really complain about it, I just don’t really like it. But I’ve always been the guy that hides out on the back row in class and never raises his hand. Stop looking at me!


I mean I’m a ludicrous over-the-top extrovert and I think it’s a little showy. Also I’ve got a weird disembodied eye stuck to my shoulder (mobiile) / armpit (desktop) and that’s uncomfortable.


New avatar means it’s just clinging to my elblow!


No, it’s the same as the top of Qt3.


Compared to their old logo, they seem to have exchanged the original symbol with a line.


Can we start a Patreon campaign so that Patreon will change their logo to something that interacts better with our avatars?


I like the Eye. Although I think for my avatar it looks like Rebecca Ferguson is sitting on the logo.


I’m a beret guy myself, and actually the cute cuddly tapir is on top of that poll right now!

If you guys don’t want to be singled-out as patrons, can’t you just change your registered email address? If you use gmail and your address on the forum and Patreon is "", you can change your forum address to "".

In my opinion, the best of all possible worlds would be

  1. Separate user preferences to show or hide the icon branding and title branding
  2. 1999-era Katie Holmes waiting for me at home tonight


Probably could, but then I look like the jerk who’s to cheap to throw Tom a few bucks each month.


TWIST: T Cruise is there, too, jumpin’ on yer sofa.

I mean right now you mostly just look like a Zoidberg who’s about to hungrily gobble up Tom. The horror!