Patreon and Q23 switching away from vBulletin



Based on the results of the poll, I offset the flair so it doesn’t overlap with avatars.




Yeah, it doesn’t work on mobile.






Do…do they come in an immobile variant?




Ohhhh nooooooo


A question (that’s probably been covered before, but can’t find it):

Will the accounts from qt3 that weren’t ported over, ever be ported over?

It’s frustrating to into an older thread, click a username and be brought to a 404. Manually searching a username seems to only bring up 50 replies max.


I’ve never heard of this game, but now I need it.


If you’re looking at truly ancient threads, they were probably anonymous/unregistered users. As far as I know, every user from vBulletin was migrated.


Holy shit Brian you have to play Excite Truck. It’s the first three Burnout games with monster trucks instead of purposeful wrecking!!


Man, that fits into all of my crashing wheelhouses. It seems it has a sequel as well. I must own them both.


To amend now that I am briefly back on a desktop, it’s basically all of the “perform ludicrous/dangerous/insane maneuvers in order to gain speed boosts and fire” parts of Burnout and none of the “navigate through oncoming traffic constantly” parts (but maybe on some maps? It’s been 10+ years, sorry).

On another note, the first three Burnout games are perfect.


All you needed to do was mention Burnout, baby, and I’m there.

Side-question, if I own Burnout 3 and Takedown, is there any reason to get 1 and 2?


Nah, the series kinda peaked there, in terms of adding on even more ludicrous dumb things you could do with your car for MOAR SPEED

I will say that I think (THINK, again, this was a long time ago) that I preferred the “cause maximum havoc with one good run” “puzzle” maps peaked on 2. Maybe 3. I recall by the time Takedown Revenge (?) came around they did something with the formula for those that really bugged me.

Hurriedly checking wikipedia to reinforce memory. . .


Good to know, thanks!


I’ll slightly disagree, and say that it’s still worth checking out 2. 3 introduced the titular Takedown mechanic, which is tons of fun, but tilted things toward aggression instead of evasion. 2 was never quite equalled for the sensation of weaving through obstacles at ludicrous white-knuckle speed with no slo-mo breaks.


Alright, I’ll snag it at some point. I already own 3, Takedown and Legends on the Vita, what’s one more? :)