Patriot act win

It’s not much, but I’ll take what I can get. House votes 238 to 187 to dump “must give library and bookstore records to the feds” provison.

I’d say the conservatives have more to worry with library and book store records than liberals. Sure we’re spending a relaxing evening reading Karl Marx but a conservative is much more likely to have a book about making your own ammunition which may include a section on bombmaking.

Such a stupid flashpoint issue…

I can’t recall who it was, a congressman I think, that I heard a quote of on the radio yesterday saying (paraphrased) “This is a tragedy and threatens our security as now terrorists know to use our libraries to plan against us.” I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised at such a dumb comment but blah. :roll:

What are they going to do, borrow Anarchist’s Cookbook?

Good luck with that…

If Google Maps is allowed onto the Inter Webs, then terrorists have already won.