Paul Allen RIP

  1. Tech giant and philanthropist.


Whoa, I didn’t know his cancer had returned. What a bummer.

Yeah, he announced it two weeks ago, but from all reports it was treatable and there was nothing indicating it was dire.

This is just a tectonic shock to the Seattle area. He basically transformed the city. Look at a lot of the gleaming new towers on the skyline and he was responsible for those. Plus, he owned the Seahawks, who were packing up moving trucks to LA when he bought them and kept them in town.

Dang. That was totally unexpected and fast :(


RIP, Paul. You created a stable industry that so many of us work in.

I have to ask. The man owns two teams, what happens now?

It’s too early. NFL demands that each owner review their succession plan yearly, and Paul Allen had fought cancer before, so it’s pretty clear that there is a plan.

He never married and has no children. His sister, Jody, is the presumed heir.

Because of Allen’s health issues and his announcement two weeks ago that the cancer had returned, there was some obvious interest in this earlier.

There is one report that Jody doesn’t want to own any teams, and plans to sell them. And there’s another report that she could sell the Trailblazers, but she wants to hold on to the Seahawks.

According to Forbes, the Blazers are worth $1.3 billion, and the Seahawks are worth $2.25 billion.

RIP, sir. Much respect.

The man could play a mean guitar.

A giant of his age.

Would it be wrong to say Nirvana and Pearl Jam made Seattle cool but Paul Allen made Seattle the place to be?

Too young by far. RIP

Gone way too soon. RIP

Dude saved KEXP!

He saved the Cinerama.

He also founded this

And he’s responsible for this.

And last year he was busy locating sunken World War II battleships.

Guy was a true geek.

Dude gave us the EMP, I mean MOPOP, which is pretty cool I guess.

He also had a ridiculous yacht that had its own submarine, basketball court, and two helicopter pads. He was legendary for anchoring off of Cannes and throwing the most sought-after party around.

I also remember that his only significant relationship was with Monica Seles. They were together for years, but it didn’t work out.

On Monday, Paul Allen’s research ship, Petrel, discovered the wreck of the aircraft carrier, USS Lexington, which was lost in the Battle of the Coral Sea.