Paul Baribeau

I am posting this, because nobody knows who this guy is, but you all should. There are very few moments in my life when I can say I have gotten chills listening to music, but Paul is one of those people that can do it.

From Plan-it-x records:

PAUL BARIBEAU is a guy from michigan.
he was friends with matty pop chart and erin tobey and was apparently at a few of our (THE DEVIL IS ELECTRIC) shows with ABE FROMAN. one day after a trip up north, SPOONBOY brought home a live demo and played it for me and i loved it. i wrote paul and asked him to send me a demo and a “bio” as a joke. he stayed up that night and recorded 14 songs and mailed them to me the next day. i liked them so much i released it. the following summer, PAUL went on tour with CRAIG PETERS and their paths crossed with ours (the plan-it-x school bus tour) a few times and PAUL played a few of those shows, introducing himself to the PIX community. He made quite an impression.

Many reviewers call paul brutally honest. he hates it, but it’s true. he sings from the heart about things we all understand. he sings about family problems, loneliness, broken hearts, crushes, romances etc. he will destroy you, if you’re a human.

paul spends most of his time on tour, alone. he has moved around a bunch since leaving grand ledge. he’s lived in bloomington, columbus, arcata, CA. and is currently in gainesville, FL.

AP magazine recently called him, “the greatest living folk artist”. we keep making fun of him for it.

I seriously can’t understand how this guy can put this stuff out there. I mean, he digs deep within himself for these lyrics.

Necessary Viewing
37 Min Live Show (Full)

Never get to Know

Ten Things
If you are not into folk, or the kind of new folk that has recently been emerging, than I can understand if you can’t get into this. Paul has a very unique voice, but heck, so did Bob Dylan. I think the wailing quality of his voice adds a lot to the emotion in the songs.

Seriously, this guy defines underground, playing cafes, parks, and parties. (He doesn’t even have a wikipedia page)

Thank you for posting this. I bought both albums after watching the youtube, they arrived today. Its great stuff. Ten Things in particular is a stand out.

Thanks again!