Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2: Observe and Report

Just saw a commercial for this. It’s from the writer/director of The Foot Fist Way, which I guess means something to Tom and possibly some other people.

Needs more Danny McBride!

Seriously, though, I’m very curious to see how this turns out. It seems to me FootFist Way was brilliant for how Jody Hill, Ben Best, and Danny McBride were able to write and shoot a movie around Danny McBride’s weird genius. Was it lightning in a bottle (North Carolina Taekwando lightning!), or can Jody Hill do it again with Seth Rogan?


If you’re interested in them doing it again with Danny McBride, perhaps you should check out Eastbound and Down, which I have not seen but which does involve those people.

I watched the trailer for this movie, and it looked really juvenile. I’m not looking forward to it. And I say that as a total Rogenaholic up to this point.

This looks okay,thumbs up.


They could just stamp a “2” on all the existing prints, ala Tomb Raider 3/4, and just say they’re starting to show Mall Cop 2 now. This crap just looks so forgettable, would anyone notice?

Anna Faris is in it. That’s all I need to know.

I just started into it but I’m finding Eastbound & Down extremely hilarious. David Gordon Green directed episode 2.

I definitely need to check out The Foot Fist Way.

I like Rogen and the talent behind the scenes but Observe and Report looks iffy at best. Not a great title either.

The trailer I saw is pretty funny, but I have to admit it looks like a Volcano/Dante’s Peak scenario. Who knew that mall cops were such a rich source of comedy gold?

It might not look that great, but based on the trailers alone it is worlds more interesting than Paul Blart. Just a shame it had to schedule up afterwards.

You think the producers cringed when they saw Blart come out? Or is it more like the Starbucks Overspill Effect?

This movie was great, in case you guys were wondering. The existence of the other mall cop movie is truly unfortunate.

“There’s only one thing left to say. And that thing is ‘boom’.”

I enjoyed it as well. It has an odd vibe to it that I really dug.

And Danny McBride’s mini-cameo made me laugh.

I have heard strange and disturbing things about this movie. “Taxi Driver” in a mall? All the funny bits in the trailer? While I can’t pass judgment, I will go out on limb and wait for HBO.

I read reviews comparing it to “Bad Santa.” The reviewers warned that it wasn’t for everyone, but folks who appreciated dark humor would really enjoy it.

In short, I’m expecting many Qt3ers will catch this on video, have a “OMG this was awesome!” experience, & put it on their Top 10 of 2009 lists. We seem to be that sort.

I’m still too much of a cheapskate to spend money to see this, but now I’m looking forward to seeing it on HBO whenever it premieres. It’s unfortunate this movie became associated with the earlier Blart film.

I’m unsure why you posted.


I just saw this tonight. I thought there were few actual laughs, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. I wasn’t a big fan of the Foot Fist Way or Pineapple Express, but I really like Eastbound and Down. The comparison to Taxi Driver is reasonably well-founded.

This was awesome. Hopefully the Paul Blart comparisons are through now. Really

“Taxi Driver” in a mall?

might be the best way to describe it.

My wife and I just saw this. I didn’t care for it though I loved Foot Fist Way and Pineapple Express. I wanted more laughs, and in the end I found much of it depressing. Some things could have been way better done like the conflict between Aziz Ansari and Seth.