Pause at "Verifying DMI Pool Data" with new SATA HDD

I’ve added a second SATA HDD to my homebrew rig, which is based on the Asus A7N8X Deluxe mobo, and while the drive works, I now get a pause of about a minute during bootup at the “Verifying DMI Pool Data” prompt before the XP splash screen appears and Windows boots normally. When I built the rig a few years ago, I had one Maxtor 120gb HDD (SATA) which was, and still is the system disk. I subsequently added an IDE HDD as the IDE primary master, with no problems. Now, to make room for the new Samsung SATA HDD, I have removed the floppy drive and added the third hard disk to the second SATA channel.

So, I’m stuck with this minute long pause, which is annoying - anyone know what may be causing it, or how to clear the problem? I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the new SATA disk - Windows detected it, and it formatted it just fine. Playing with the boot order options in the BIOS doesn’t seem to have any effect.


Have you [updated the BIOS?]( Deluxe&SLanguage=en-us) Looking over the different versions, it looks like there were updates to the SATA ROM, though they don’t say exactly what.

(If you haven’t, make sure that’s the right exact board model (there was also an A7N8X-E Deluxe) and PCB version before updating.)

No, I haven’t. It’s still at 1006, on PCB rev 2.0. I’m a little scared of updating the BIOS since this board has a reputation for crapping out after updates. Looking at that page, I could try the 1007 or 1008.

I have never ever had problems with BIOS updates, even running hacked versions, on ASUS motherboards.

You can update both through a DOS Bootup and EXE file, in Windows and on more recent motherboards also through a Function key during POST.

I added a 500GB SATA yesterday with no difficulties to my A7N8X Premium.

I’ve used Asus boards for a long time and never had one crap out on me after a Bios update.
Just follow the directions carefully and you’ll be fine.
Check to see if they have any other updates for that MB too.
Go here and find your EXACT MB:

Is there a way to do this without using a floppy disk? Cause I uhh, took the floppy drive out to fit the new HDD in.

Not really…
IF your MB can support booting from USB devices you could use a USB Floppy but that’s probably an update for the Bios…

Open the case, plug in the Floppy, flash the Bios, remove drive.
Get a bigger case!

ASUS has a tool for flashing the BIOS from within Windows, so you shouldn’t need a boot floppy. I’m not sure what restrictions there might be on it, but it worked on my A7V880 from roughly the same Socket A era.

Flashing through Windows works with no problems.
Even in Winx64bit.

I believe I used a USB Device to flash my bios during POST last time.

The current mobo I use is an Asus K8N-E Deluxe, which supports flashing
any bloody way I want. Burn the BIOS image to a CD or DVD, and it picks it
up when you run the flasher utility in the BIOS. Stick it on a floppy, if you
still support legacy hardware.

An earlier MSI mobo I had could flash without a BIOS; I hosed the BIOS and
could still boot from a floppy due to some minimal firmware still being available. Check the (possibly Engrish) manual for any details on what backup
plans you have if you’re worried :)