Pavlov's House: a solo board game AAR

Turn 3 brings me a new hand, and a fresh set of problems.

TWO Fog of War cards. As you can imagine, these are useless, and basically just “command friction” the game introduces. So even though I have three available actions, I can only use two.

I have another chance to load up the staging area with supplies, as I have another 62nd Army command post card available. However, I already have five cubes ready to load, and it will take me one card to load them and another to unload. Furthermore, since each position can only transport one cube, and one of the three Volga flotilla positions is currently disrupted, I can only transport two cubes at a time. I will probably have more time to bring additional supplies to the staging area, so I’m going to use the first card to clear one of the disruptions on the 32nd Guard Artillery Regiment. Let’s clear position 10.

The other card has Volga flotilla on it. I could load a couple of cubes this turn, and hope to get them unloaded next turn without having them bombed by the Luftwaffe. But I’m not short of supplies (yet), and I want to be able to load as many cubes as possible (3) per turn. So I’m going to use the second card (and action) to clear the disruption on position 7.

Lastly, I do have one signal communications token on the board. I could use it before it gets bombed, and remove it in order to remove one of the Fog of War cards and place it back in the stock. But right now it is keeping that space protected, so that if it gets bombed, it will only remove the token, not place another disruption and cause me to place a seventh (and final) Fog of War card in the deck. So in that way, it serves the same purpose. I keep it on the board.

And our first Wehrmacht card of turn 3 is …


Note that for the first time, the tactics card would alter this result. This is a 10cm (100mm) barrage, and thus only rolls four dice. With the tactics card it would roll five. Hit/miss is still determined by the defense value of the building on the side that is targeted.

The selection roll is a 5, which corresponds to the purple side (on the right).

Only four dice this time.

My rolls are 4, 4, 5, 6. That would have been a good roll for a Ranger if I had been playing Titan. In Pavlov’s House, it knocks the defense of the purple zone down from 6 to 5.

Next Wehrmacht card.


Ok, Tom was asking above when the zombies would start coming out, and it turns out that is now. First, we have to find out where they appear. I roll a “3,” so that means they appear on the first red track.

However–not so fast, riflezombies. I placed suppression on the red track earlier specifically for this purpose, and I’m going to use it to try and keep the riflemen from appearing. I can take off as many cubes as I have available for that line-of-sight color, and roll a die for each one. If any of them are equal to or greater than the defense of the target unit (in this case, “4”) then the unit is placed back in the stock and does not appear.

I use two suppression cubes. That means I can roll two dice.

I roll 3, 4.

The “4” is exactly equal to the riflemen’s defense, so they are successfully dispatched to the stock.

Next card for this turn. Last card for this turn!

Got interrupted as I was on 24/7 last week. Back to the game:

Wehrmacht card #3 of Turn 2…

Scouts are nasty because they have a defense of 5. No matter where they go, I only have one suppression available per area, so the best I could do would be to roll one die and hope to get a 5-6.

Die roll is “1.”

Scouts are placed on the green track.

Next is the counter action phase.

I played the ASL scenario, it was a good one.

This looks like fun. @Brooski, I’m interested to see where this goes.

Sorry for the delays – this one is going to be at a slow pace.

We are on the counter action phase of Turn 3. Now that we have actual enemies on the board, my machinegunners have a target. Note that Chait and Bondarenko are in the corner of the house, allowing them to fire at either the red or the green sector. Their MG has an attack rating of 2 and a suppression rating of 3. That means that they can roll two dice in an attack action, and have to roll >= the defense value of their target, which in this case is the Scouts counter, with a “5.”

As Artemis would say in Hades, “All right, I’m taking the shot!”

Ka-boom. Scouts eliminated with style!

The machinegunners become exhausted.

Note that this counts as TWO actions, so I only have one left. I will Recover Pavlov, so that he can flip the machinegunners next turn for free.

On to Turn 4.

Btw, this designer’s third game in this solo series, Soldiers in Postmen’s Uniforms, is now live on Kickstarter.

I apologize for the interruption in this, which I ascribe to “8,000 projects” syndrome, but want to point out that this is getting a digital version:

…which is now out. Has anyone checked it out?

I can’t say, but I’m tempted to grab it.

This episode of the solo-focused board game podcast Solosaurus is a great interview with the designer, David Thompson, and he recounts how he came to become a history buff and a maker of games:

There’s also a Steam version of Castle Itter out today.

This is great news. I liked Pavlov’s House. Can we expect this next?

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