PAX Prime 2010 Seattle, and Qt3 Meetup!

PAX Prime QT3 Meetup!

5:30 PM Friday at Rock Bottom Brewery, 1333 5th Avenue

I’ll be the guy with the beard, less hair than last year, wearing a blue Commodore t-shirt

I’ll be at PAX and am definitely down for a QT3 Brew-ha-ha. Ultimately I am up for whateves, but I would prefer Saturday evening since I kinda want to go to the live Bombcast.

I’ll be there, but I’ll be a complete zombie because I’m manning a booth for my indie game for the first time ever, so I can’t meet up, but stop by and play and say hi!


I’d love to meet up, but I’m finally bringing my family to PAX, so I can’t stop for beers and rough talk. Sorry, guys!

I’ll there again this year with a 3 day pass. I’m down for a Qt3 get together whenever as long as it doesn’t interfere with the Brodeo and Idle Thumbs Reunion Podcastin’. Those are pretty much the only events I want to go to so I put down Saturday evening.

I’m meeting up with like 20 different groups of people at PAX so no guarantees, but saturday works best for me.

I may or may not come to PAX, but if there’s a Qt3 meetup I could be persuaded to come on up and hang out!

You don’t have an option for “I’ll come, and don’t give a shit bonerz as to when it is.”

I was shocked, SHOCKED, to find the only remaining passes are one-day Sunday passes. I’m bringing my five-year-old daughter this year (her first time), and actually Sunday works out best for us, so we’ll be there at like 10 am Sunday (try to get in before parking goes apeshit). Anyone wanna meet up??? ;-)

Nothing ever happens on Sunday anyway.

— Alan

I will be at PAX. I’m staffing (Enforcing) during expo-hall hours, so I prefer an evening meetup. Slight preference for Friday.

  • Alan

I’m not going to PAX, but I’d love to meet up somewhere with the Qt3 crew. In terms of location, where are we focusing on? Downtown Seattle? The Eastside? Hell, even South Everett? :)

I’d love to come to a meet up, but what’s all this crazy PAX nonsense anyhow? And why are father’s bringing their daughters to it? I guess I lump all these 3 letter acronym gaming events thingys into the same bucket with E3–I am thinking booth babes and young children and it is just not sitting right with me.

Ha, ha. I just looked at the official site. Shit, that looks cool. Not this year, but maybe next with the kiddies. None of us read PA, but I guess that doesn’t really matter. Or does it?

I’m down with a Qt3 meet up, depending on what day the meet up is, and what my wife has planned for the holiday weekend.

PAX has essentially nothing to do with PA any more. It’s the US’s best gaming fan expo, straight up.

Interestingly, PAX has a “no booth babe” policy.

So… Qt3 meetup?

  • Alan

I never make it to PAX, mainly because it conflicts with Bumbershoot, and this year looks to be no exception. But if you guys settle on a time and place, I would like to attend any meet-up if possible. I’ll RSVP if you need a head count.

Yeah, I second this. We’re not going to Bumbershoot, but my wife is talking about some sort of last hurrah of summer. If there is a meet up and I know when and where, I’ll do my best to make it.

That’s sexist!


Is MerryPrankster the only one who said “yes” who’s not from the Seattle area? It might be easier to do a meetup on one of the non-PAX non-Bumbershoot weekends for the Seattle-area folks…

Still, I’m game if ya’ll want to do this! Anyone else? Friday at 5:30 would be early enough not to interfere with the Bombcast, etc.