PAX Prime 2013

Yup. They went on sale about an 20 minutes ago. The site was instantly crushed. Apparently 4-day tickets are already sold out.

Been in queue since 5 minutes after they tweeted. I like this system much less than how they did it in the past because I have to trust that their queue is working properly with no feedback, estimated time, number in queue, or anything. Before if it didn’t work, I refreshed my browser and that was that.

Yeah. I’ve been spinning in the queue since I found out. My wife is trying from her work as well. Not a fan of the system they have.

I guess the scalpers will make money.


Made it through queue in roughly 40 minutes, selected ticket quantity and days and… got a 503 error trying to load the next page. Great. Trying to refresh the page but I suspect this means I get to go to the back of the line.

Yeah, the process is frustrating for sure. They definitely need more feedback on the queue monitor. I really want to go, but I’m thinking they need a bigger venue or possibly open up another US site. The demand for this is impressive.

I’m not sure how much bigger they can get in Seattle, it’s already fairly massive.

Yeah, to be fair it has already outgrown Seattle. They were in 2-3 of the surrounding hotels. I never could find some of the events last year. Boston was much better in that respect.

My wife was able to get through and get 1-day passes for each day, and the PAX website at least says that one day passes are still available for each day.

I am hoping that they will bring PAX to Chicago someday. The convention center in Chicago (McCormick Place) has almost 2.7 million square feet of space, which is roughly 3-times Boston. It might even take them a whole day to sell out 4-day passes to a convention that size.

I was dumped from the queue twice with 503 errors. I guess I’m not seeing PAX this year.

Oh well. <shrug>

PAX @Official_PAX

We are getting a few reports of tech issues in the showclix system - it is still up and running but we are looking into it.

Was able to get my passes finally after restarting the ticketing process due to said issues. I’d hate to be someone who misses out because of this.

Sooner or later, they’re going to have to bite the bullet and use a better (more expensive) system to sell tickets.

Yeah, this doesn’t feel like an improvement, but I can understand whey they wanted to change from last year’s troubles.

Going for a Sunday ticket as opposed to the 3-day I picked up last year. One day is really enough for folks like me who just dabble around in the booths and can’t be arsed to stand in line for the presentations.

edit: and got the Sunday ticket. Saturday sold out. The queue is retarded. I sat in the queue for an hour with nothing, refreshed the page and got right to the ticket purchase. WTF?

As terrible as Ticketmaster is, I haven’t experienced a site crash through them in years and would begrudgingly give them the service fees to not deal with this hassle in the future. Also, random thought I had after checking out: this year they dropped the ticket limit from 5/person to 4/person. League of Legends and Dota2 are arguably the two biggest multiplayer games out there and played with teams of 5. I wonder what sort of added hassle this is providing to teams who plan on making the trip and how much whining the expo is hearing because of it.

Are we doing more meet-ups/get togethers this year?

I’m only there on Monday this year, due to not knowing the tickets were on sale in the middle of a work day for 90 minutes… Game for dinner or something though.

Yeah I don’t have any real interest in PAX but I’d make time to hang out with Qt3ers.

Got my badge in the mail yesterday, so head’s up these are going out.

I should be there Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and would be game for a meetup any of those days.

I’m going to be there all four days. Just let me know when you guys would like to meet up!