PAX Prime 2013

I’ll have my same booth as always for SpyParty, 3002. Come say hi and mention qt3!

Also: the 4-days thing might end up killing me.


Mr Hecker,

I was at PAX two years ago and you totally slighted me and my friends when we visited your booth. Sure, you may have not even realized it happened, but I’ll have you know we’ve cursed your name ever since.


Your Mortal Enemy Aaron

Okay, fine. I’m mostly joking. I mean, this basically did happen and we’ve been jokingly mad at you since, I just wanted you to be warned in case it happens again and we do actually declare a vendetta.

I’ll be staffing Bandland in the morning, so come say hi! I would totally be up for a meet up of some sort if there was a day/time/place that worked for people.

If anyone can grab anything related to these games I will be forever grateful:

Blacklight: Retribution
Ghost Recon Online
World of Warplanes/Tanks

Thanks ;)

I’ll be at PAX on Saturday only (unless, of course, anyone has a spare Friday pass). Almost all of that time will be down with the paper games…

(Actually, seriously, if someone has a Friday pass at or near face value, PM me)

Anyone gonna be around Monday? I will!

Did they do a Dungeons and Dragons game again this year? And if so, a follow-up questions - where can I find that?

Wasted 1.5 hrs. for me on Sunday. Insanely crowded this year – trying to get through the indie booths was like trying to get through a Slayer moshpit, only the moshers were too busy staring at their phones to actually try and see where the fuck their feet were taking them. Every line, for even the marginal games/displays (i.e. a line to watch an AssCreed 4 movie was just hammered. I remember the line for, say, Torchlight 2 being long last year. That line was nothing compared to this year’s. It didn’t help that the AAA lineup coming up is, shall we say it, weak and many hardware booths (all seeming to sell pricey headsets) took over more interesting software booths this year. So: “content” scaled back, crowds up = no more PAX for me.

Ha! Read my front page updates on PAX. I think I bitch about the lines a bit. :)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

One day is almost a waste of time at PAX now. You can only check out a few games in one day because all the lines are an hour or two in length.

Also, the line cutoffs were a joke. Telling people that THIS spot is the end of the line for a hyped game is futile. “You’ll have to come back later to see if there’s more room to line up.” Like that’s going to work. People just lined up near the cutoff.

Thanks for the write ups Telefrog I enjoyed reading them.

Congrats to checker for getting the Omegathon spotlight!

Made for a hell of a final show :-)

thanks for the write up!!

Yeah, the write ups are good info. Not just about the games, but reminding me why I don’t go to PAX.