Pax Prime 2014

4-day passes already sold out!

Official event registration:

I am in the queue now. I have a sinking feeling I will not get any tickets. There is a dark cloud hovering over my head as I type this. Little lightning bolts jab the air around my head. Whoa is me.

I don’t even know why they bother at this point. They should just sell raffle tickets.

I just got a message saying it is highly unlikely that I will get any tickets. If anyone has some they want to sell, please let me know.

They need to do something, and just having more events isn’t the answer. The only reason I got tickets is because I set up loud, annoying notifications on my phone for whenever @Official_PAX tweeted since they don’t announce sales ahead of time. Even getting in within a minute of announcement I had to settle for 4x one-day passes. It amazes me that for how big PAX has grown they still have such a crappy system for deeming people worthy of attending.

Hey, don’t fret! Here’s another chance to pick up tickets:


The problem that PAX has been dealing with, now and in previous years, is that there is far more demand than availability. No matter how the tickets are distributed, some people will not be able to get them. Attempted solutions: make existing show longer, hold more shows. Finding a bigger venue is a problem; PAX already occupies the largest space available in Seattle.

Well, there always is the unpopular option of raising prices.

They should do some sort of lottery deal. I don’t know. It’s just discouraging and disappointing.

But at least I’m in Seattle and will most likely be able to scour CL for local sellers like we did last year.

Month long PAX , problem solved.

Their new system bites. I missed the four-day window because despite all of their “no need to hit F5” messaging, the purchase window didn’t come up until I hit my spot in the queue and hit F5.

4-days were gone, but I got singles for me and the kid. I’m actually only planning to go 2 or 3 days, but I’ll sell the extras at face value to friends/coworkers who didn’t get tickets once I see the schedule and decide which days we’re going.

I was feeling bitchy about spending the extra $30/person to buy four individual tickets, but given how many people I know who didn’t get tickets at all, I guess I won’t complain. Still, they must have had a tiny percentage set aside as four-day tickets.

I went back in 2010 and got the full pass (at 49 I was likely the oldest person there–at least it felt that way, hehe). Back in Spring 2010 they didn’t seem to sell out quite as fast as now.

I don’t know why I didn’t hit refresh more. Fine time for a rebel like me to start following the rules!