PAX Prime: The Flagship

Badges went on sale an hour ago. Mostly sold out now. Snagged a Saturday pass, though. Who is in?

I have tix, not sure if I’ll go every day of the show though.

missed out on tix but brother in law got me friday and monday badges.

Anyone else showing up for this shindig?

Shit, quiet this year. I’ll be in town and attending on Monday and Friday.

I realize this isn’t exactly PAX related, but - I just noticed on the Double Fine website that Tim and some of the DF gang are going to be at the downtown Hard Rock Café today at 5:30, anybody thinking of going? I going to try.

Did not care for the “game-streamer” focus the hardware companies concentrated on as well as the big presence of Twitch etc. Maybe I’m getting too old for this shit but my favourite games were Advance Wars successors “WarGroove” from the makers of Stardew Valley and “Tiny Metal.”

I moved to Seattle and yet couldn’t go this year! Of course, I was at PAX East earlier this year and I will be watching for tickets next year now that I know when they go out.

Of course, at this stage I am most interested in the board games though, really should go to PAX Unplugged or GenCon instead.

Hell dude, I’ve been in Seattle 15 years and I’ve never even tried to go to PAX. I am just not into crowds. I did go to that Double Fine thing I posted about though alas, I did not meet Tim Schafer.

I went for a few years in a row. I stopped because the crowding was just too much. You stand in line for an hour to get 10 minutes of time with a game. You sit on the floor outside of a room for hours to watch a panel. Just not worth it.

I think that the exhibition hall stuff, while flashy and sexy, isn’t really worth going for unless you absolutely love the waiting or you absolutely have to play unreleased stuff early. But all the free play areas and tournaments? Those are fun, and not nearly as packed as the main exhibition hall. Next time I go, I’m ignoring the crowds and just playing games instead.

I really enjoyed the retro console free play room.

This year was my 10th year in a row going to PAX. Probably one of my favorite years too! So many amazing indie games to play, some fun panels, and things just seemed to be better organized overall.

Here’s a tip for tickets: Supply is starting to out-strip demand these days. There’s little need to purchase tickets in advance anymore. Except for Saturday, if you live in the Seattle area and browse around Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, etc. you should be able to find tickets under face value on the weekend of the show.

I know this because I had a couple extras to sell and could only sell them for $35-40 :-(