PAX tickets on sale now


It went out 20 minutes ago. I got in the queue about 8 minutes in. I hope I get some.

Can’t believe it’s been 10 years for PAX and “surprise, time to buy!” is still their ticketing method of choice. Good luck on getting through, Tim.

I’m passing. The last couple of times I went, it was just endless lines to see anything. Plus, crowd control was out of hand. I found that I enjoyed the experience around PAX more than PAX itself.

But hey, if you get in, take lots of pics and report back here!

And they’re gone.

I actually got 2 one day passes for each day, so I’m happy. I have only ever been able to get them through Craig’s list.

It’s crazy because there was some sort of bug or something. I was waiting in the queue and it specifically said don’t refresh, but after 10 minutes I went to the PAX twitter feed and saw something about a bug, so I refreshed the page and boom I was in. Hahaha, that’s so fucked up. I mean, I’m happy I won but like Locker says, after all these years this is the way it works?

Google has taken to doing a lottery for I/O, which seems like a much better way to handle it.

Not that I was likely to go this year, but the person who was getting tickets for our group got hit by the bug, so we ended up with less than we needed. Makes my decision a lot easier unless things change significantly before August. Every time tickets go up, it amazes me at how inept they are at this though.

Pretty much this, combined with “I’m getting too old for this shit”.

I didn’t have too much trouble getting tickets for East this year, even though I missed the registration period. There’s a subreddit for precisely that purpose. I paid face value for all my passes.

I did start to feel the Pax fatigue this year. I had the most fun at Pax playing D&D, but the footprint for D&D the last 2 years has been a single booth that runs 6 games the entire weekend. WotC understandably uses all their floor space to run Magic games. Running D&D games doesn’t make them any money, where each person signing up to play Magic has to drop $20 on cards.

The expo floor is really just waiting in line, the game. You can recreate this experience at home. Turn on your console then walk to the kitchen. Every 15 minutes, take a step towards your living room. After about 2 hours you’ll be able to see your TV and the game demo playing. An hour later, you’ll be able to reach your controller. Pick it up and play the game. Turn your console off after 15 minutes and go pay $12 for some soggy french fries and mountain dew.

Even better are the enclosed show booths.

To recreate that, do the same thing, but close the door between the kitchen and the living room. Once you get into the living room, watch a 15-minute YouTube video of a game. Go find another line.


So my tickets arrived in the mail today. Is anyone from here going? I have two all day passes for each day, but I have to split them with my two teenagers and my wife. Crowds, games, cosplayers in silly costumes. Fuck yeah What’s not to like?

Crowds, parking, long lines… SHUSH your mouth!

I’m just talking about PAX!

Well, we can dig it.