Pax Transhumanity: Juan R, Matt W, tomchick, and Tom Mc take humanity to THE NEXT LEVEL!

This is where I would think we would choose and play a Pax game by forum. My initial preferences were for Renaissance and Transhumanity

I’ve never played either, but I’d be happy to try them. @tomchick somewhat liked Renaissance.

He sure did.

I’m up for whatever, but if we are voting, I’d like we try Transhumanity

I would love to participate in a forum game of Transhumanity, if you guys have room. If not, or if you’re playing something else, I will gladly spectate instead.


I’ll be happy to watch for sure.

I actually own Renaissance but have never played it. I found the manual tough to understand after Pamir, which was excellent. I could very well be interested in a game of it, since the likelihood of ever playing my cardboard version seems low.

I’m not too good at reading a room here so bear with me. I think we have a slight edge for Transhumanity. There will be four player slots for that one. I am currently looking at the most recent vassal module and while it seems to throw some errors it looks like I can coax a good setup out of it. I have to spend a little more time with it too be sure though but It looks like Vassal is a good way here. I am refreshing myself on the rules but I believe the only hidden information is the selection of the hidden sphere in the beginning of the game so the vast majority of information is open to everyone to view. Transhumanity is the most esoteric of the Pax games and there will definitely be a lot of decoding here and things that will not be obvious so we will have to work through that.

There are TTS modules for both. I’d like to try Transhumanity. I’ll play through a solo game to get a feel for the rules.

And Heavy Cardboard has a teaching video:

Does this player roster for Pax Transhumanity seem correct:



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At I got this result:

There were 4 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. juan
  2. tomchick
  3. matt
  4. tommc

This makes Juan the Blogger, Tom Chick the Colonel, Matt the Citizen, and myself the Doctor. Does this seem ok? Should I continue setting up with the Vassal module and prepare a shared google drive link to a folder? Do we know how to use Vassal well? There is indeed a TTS module we can use instead but Vassal seems easier (to me) for forum format.


I would love to teach Pax Transhumanity if I could. I have a system set up for teaching the different Pax games, and Transhumanity is the one I had to wrassle with the most. It’s, uh, certainly unique.

-Colonel Tom

Oh thank God! That’s the heavy lifting right there. I will continue to refresh the rules myself but I am not great at teaching them.

You are not kidding here.

Oh, I didn’t realize we were having to teach people! I was assuming the four of us already knew the game.

I meant I would love to teach people if I had them here and could talk for a half hour or so, which I can’t do these days. But if it helps for me to post my teaching notes here, I’d be happy to whip them into a more presentable shape. That might be a good outline for anyone learning or re-learning the game.

-Colonel Tom

I have played and at least theoretically know how to still play. I actually began re reading Pax Transhumanity specifically to try to rope some friends into playing a couple weeks back. I checked upthread and @Matt_W did mention he had not played before. I do not know about @Juan_Raigada’s prior experience.

Board after I ran startup and selected my hidden sphere. I’ll be sending a drive link to the players here to see the vassal log files.

It’ll take me a day or two to go over the rules, but I’ll get started on that. Thanks for hosting this @Tom_Mc !

I don’t expect to start playing rapidly but I wanted to give us a framework to get oriented with.

@Juan_Raigada, how new are you to Transhumanity? I’ll type up my teaching notes and post them here. And I’m totally okay with taking our time with this. It’s a really “thinky” game and I don’t want anyone to have to make decisions until they’re comfortable with what’s going on.

That said, it’s going to take a while before the game starts to take shape. A lot of the early turns are basically just stirring the pot.

@Tom_Mc, if we are indeed settling on Transhumanity, maybe change the subject header?