Pax Transhumanity: Juan R, Matt W, tomchick, and Tom Mc take humanity to THE NEXT LEVEL!

So how did the scores turn out? @Juan_Raigada, would you have been able to earn any points on your turn?

The regime was Cloud Dominant, and my hidden sphere was blue. That would mean a total of 3VPs per blue problem or company. I had two blue companies and the Tipping Point would have given me my choice of problem, so I would have taken a blue problem. The nuclear exchange would have destroyed one blue company or problem, leaving me with two, each worth 3VPs, for a total of 6VPs.

What about you guys?


I also had blue as my hidden sphere, but the nuclear exchange would have taken my only company and I’d end up with 0 points

I wasn’t sure about where the problems would be returned to. if one would have been available for you to pick up or not. Reading the rules again it looks like it would have been returned to where you could pick up another blue and get the 6 vps otherwise I believe you would have been tied with Juan at 3(?) as he had already picked up the last blue problem to solve. I think I’ve got only the 2vp for my hidden sphere problem and company. The blue I had disappears into nuclear dust. I believe Matt got 0(again?) but that’s the thing about these Pax games and the wild victory conditions. You could be playing very well but the conditions can be so different and scores can be all over the place.

When you discard problems and companies due to nuclear exchanges, they go back into the pool. So resolving the Tipping Point would mean you and Juan would have to discard a blue problem. This would mean when we move on to the next impact icon, there would be two blue problems available for me to solve. I would have ended the game with one blue company and one blue problem for 6VPs.

Otherwise, I would have had to take a non-blue problem, leaving me with 4VPs. Still more than Juan’s 2VPs for his remaining blue problem (with a possible additional VP if his hidden sphere is blue or green).

So the score ended up being:

Tom C: 6
Juan R: 2*
Tom Mc: 2
Matt W: 0

I find that victory in a Pax game is usually a matter of when you end the game, arguably more important than how you played along the way. You guys did a great job, but the blue stuff just kept lining itself up for me, starting with my hidden sphere and extending into the cards, impact icons, and splay. And some of those text abilities made this a pretty nutso game.


* possibly 3

When it’s blue dominant and your hidden sphere is also blue I don’t think you get any VPs for any other problem/company. I did read where it was clear the problems go back to the pool. It would have only been tied had they not and even in that case the tiebreaker would have been on amount of capital.

It would be three. Hidden sphere was developing world.

Also, I was unaware discarded problems went to the pool, so I was expecting a tie at 3VP that you would have won since I was really into debt.

Yeah, non blue problems wouldn’t have scored in that case.

Ah, yes, of course. Naturally, I remembered that when calculating other players’ scoring and then conveniently forgot when calculating my own. Doh.

Fortunately, the nuclear exchange would put blue problems back into play, so it’s a moot point. Again, when the game ends is arguably more important than anything else. While the puzzle of putting Ideas into play gets easier, the puzzle of the game’s end and scoring gets more complicated! :)


To go back to the main point, you’ll get no argument from me against this. It clearly is what the Pax games, I’m familiar with, are all about.

Been watching a playthrough and yes, looks cool!

That blue Tipping Point couldn’t have come at a better time if I’d placed it myself. I feel like my win had less to do with anything I did and more to do with how that card ended up in the deck at the exact right place for my exact situation.

Also, I think we all did a great job navigating that crazy matrix of special text abilities during the opening moves. I would have hated to see all that on the table with a group of new players, but you guys didn’t seem to have any problems wrapping your heads around the implications and putting them to work for you. That was a lot of fun to watch.


I will say though, that I deliberately imported it so it could be researched away by Tom or Juan (and then didn’t say anything about it.) The blue one was the worst, so I was hoping we could get rid of it. @tomchick, your plays were pretty dominant from the start of the game, but I think if we’d coordinated better we could have re-evened the playing field (probably at the cost of making another player dominant.)

Yes, I noticed several ways it could have been averted, but I was very wary of starting to push for coordination, since that kind of dynamic is cool with some groups and not for others, and so far nobody had suggested any moves.

Anyway, if you guys want to try Pax Viking or have another go at this I’m game.

As @Matt_W knows, I want to put up a HF4 forum/vassal game (that game needs players executing their moves in Vassal due to the complexity of the game) but I think I’ll do that come January (although Bios Origins is another one that I think will shine, and that can work as a pure forum game)

Do you own Viking?

Nope, I don’t

I have the physical edition of Viking and I found the vassal module, although I haven’t done much with it yet. I haven’t played it at all though. So I fear I would be prone to more rule mistakes than usual. I have played first edition Renaissance so I have had about the same prior experience as with Transhumanity, just not as recently. I would still happily try either.

@Juan_Raigada Speaking of High Frontier have you seen Stellar Horizons at all? That’s one that I would try to eventually organize but It’s also a long game. I loved High Frontier but as time went on ended up hating pretty much all the added modules. I pretty much consider High Frontier complete without colonist, bernals, GW Thrusters, futures or any of that.

If you decide to host Vikings and need a body, you have my beard.

Heathen! My experience with HF (2nd and 3rd editions, I have yet to play 4th) is that the game really shines with all “modules”. Some of my favorite gaming experiences have been such games (always by forum or email, since they are probably 15+ hour long games face to face).

I do own Stellar Horizons, and I would join a forum game of it, but from some tentative playthroughts I’ve had it feels a much more straightforward game, with the theme not being as strong. HF’s mechanics are very evocative in a way SH doesn’t seem to be (not having yet played a full game).

Totally agree with this. The 3-4 times I’ve played HF3 with all modules have been my favorite board gaming experiences, full stop.