Paycheck--Hollywood Once Again Tries to Get Dick

I remember reading this short story years ago.

First thoughts…

  1. Fuckin’ Hell, Not Bafflec again…

  2. Woo doesn’t strike me as the guy to try to get Dick’s subtleties and nuances… but then, not very many directors have.

  3. Screw Uma. I saw Kathyrn Morris in the trailer, and she is HOT. She was also Tom Cruise’s wife in Minority Report. Jeez, sh’es going to get a reputation for starring in a lot of Dick movies :)

She was also in AI. And before that, two Xena episodes.

She’s starring in her own TV series this fall, “Cold Case.”

While Lucy Lawless is invisible. I love it :)
I wouldn’t mind seeing Renee O’Connor in a few parts (there are rumours about that though, yay).

I wouldn’t mind seeing Renee O’Connor in a few parts

No kidding! I love her.

(there are rumours about that though, yay)

Really? Do tell!! Where should I be looking for her?

Just remembered that Kathryn Morris played the Hostage in John Woo’s BMW Driver film, “The Hostage.” It’s the one where the crazy kidnaper locked her in the trunk of a car that’s being swallowed up by high tide, so Clive Owen has to do all this badass driving to get to her in time.

I’ll be looking forward to her TV series!

She’s apparently in an indie movie set in Vegas, read a bit about it here

For anyone that is interested Series 1 and 2 of the Driver shorts are on Dvd for the price of shipping. Just got mine a few days ago and it says they each have commentary.

Let the flames begin, but I think I’m going to see that movie.

I guess I just can’t get enough Dick.

You said a mouth full. rimshot

You said a mouth full. rimshot[/quote]

Paging Sigmund Freud

No, but seriously, I’m not gay. I only like Dick when it’s on the big screen.