PBEM Civ 4, How's it working out?

I saw a couple of PBEM games of Civ 4 go by while I was, unfortunately, Civless. Since that is no longer a problem, I was wondering how those games went. It looks like at least one broke down pretty early and another might still be brewing. Can anyone report from the trenches?

While I’m at it, who’s interested in getting another game started? Since I’d imagine these things could go on for a while, I’m thinking a smaller, more dedicated group of folks would be advisable. Anyone from the strategy geezer’s club in?

One word.


After 3 weeks, we’ve done 8 turns. My turns have involved:

  1. Move of a settler
  2. Founding of a city
  3. Picking initial production
  4. Picking inital tech to research

And then 2 squares a turn of moving scout(s).

Time per turn: 1 minute. Every 3 days or so (speaking of, who needs to do their turn?)

And this is on quick.

Somebody is slacking on the 2-turn/week rule. :(

So yes, at this pace, I can take on an additional game.

  • Alan

Last turn I sent was on the 21st to Alan, year 3650 B.C.

Does the game have an option to play it online and get a lot of turns in during one evening, and then switch to PBEM? It would be a nice feature to be able to do that, and switch from PBEM to a live play session too.

I think the pitboss server will give that capability.

How many folks are passing around the hot potato in your game? I’m thinking with four dedicated folks, about 4 or 5 turns a week would work out.

BTW, has anyone tried an online game on quick? What kind of time investment are we talking here?

I had exactly ONE turn in my PBEM game. Never saw the file again… :roll:

I’m also in one of those “succession” games that are all the craze over on CivFanatics where you play a single-player game cooperatively with a few other folks. Everybody takes 10 turns and writes up an AAR and sends the file off to the next guy. Pretty fun stuff so far.

I played yesterday a game on normal at multiplayer, the entire day went on it. And in the end the game froze while I was pretty much dominating. (Big game, 7 players)

The thing was pretty slow even with “blazing” on the timer. I guess playing on tiny maps is the most you should go with or small for a long game.

Quick is defintely better because it gives more depth and avoids ending the game with the same military units.

Anyway if you want the game to be fun though I recommend sticking more players than the game recommends for each size (6 on small, 4 on tiny).
And if you have a TV next to the computer, book, newspaper or homework it will be better.

But overall I have to admit Civ4 is rather playable online, which is a big achievement for Firaxis I think. (And all TBS genre)


We’ve got five in our game, although I suspect the Turkey-day holiday may have interrupted the schedule.

By my records, 3600 BC left my hands on Nov. 21st at 4:48 PM.

  • Alan