PC builders' store in NYC area?

Hey guys-

Do any New York-area Qt3ers have any recommendations on good stores for PC builders?

I’m happy to hunt on Ben’s Bargains and Tiger Direct, but it would be awesome to have a Fry’s Electronics-type brick & mortar to shop at, too. Any suggestions? I’m in Manhattan, if that helps, but I’m willing to take the train to any borough and even (gasp) Jersey if it’s worth it.

You want someone to custom build a PC, or just sell you all the parts/pieces? The last B&M place I would go to, when I needed something right away, was Madison Ave Computers. Here’s the website: http://www.computernyc.com/

They don’t tend to carry high-end parts, but if you’re after budget, mid-range components they carry a decent stock.

Newegg delivers in one day from their jersey warehouse, if you just need parts.

If you need it custom-built, don’t buy locally.

Thanks for the tips, gents. I’m buying parts and building myself - I didn’t realize that Newegg delivered from Jersey!

Happiness is:

Building a rig years after you had last done so -
checking every connection twice -
and powering up the system -

to find that everything works perfectly. The first time.

I feel awesome.

Oh man, now you jinxed it.

About 1:45AM tonight as you finally finish patching up WoW, you’ll notice an almost imperceptible rattle. “Screw it,” you’ll think, “It’s fine, nothing to worry about!” As the days pass into weeks, it will get louder and louder, until your buddies ask how the city is allowed to repair the roads outside at 11PM when they can’t even watch Heroes at normal volume without that old hag downstairs complaining to the super. You absentmindedly kick the case, which shuts it up for four seconds, then it starts again. And repeat.

Some time later, on one otherwise beautiful autumn morning before work, whilst just about to achieve the very peak of la petite morte from your latest empornium bittorrent download, the rattle will stop… pause… and… the machine will melt into a puddle of slag. Your cheeks, wet with tears. And at that moment, in the blinding haze of rage and frustration that results, you will remember your post here today.

Way late to this thread, but…

Newegg has various warehouses and ships out of the closest one to you (if they have what you want in stock). I absolutely HATE when I get stuck ordering something from them that is only available from Jersey because then it takes 3 days to get here with UPS ground whereas packages from their California place almost always get here the very next day (without paying for next day delivery).

That is really funny :)

I hope.

My assembled parts are here! Except for the SD card reader, optical and GPU I have to put in myself…which stusser probably has put a hex on. …bastards.