PC Dragon Age DLC problem?

I’m logged into my EA.com account in-game and my social.bioware.com page clearly indicates I have “Return to Ostagar” and “Warden’s Keep” but ingame after downloading them, it says that they are “unauthorized.”

Anyone know how to fix this? I have all the other content DLC packs installed properly.

It sounds like you need to restart or reinstall your DAUpdater service.

Go to “services” (in Vista or Win7, just search for “services” without the quotes and open it up)

Look for “Dragon Age: Origins updater” on the list and see if it says “started” under status.

If it’s there and it doesn’t (my guess), right-click and hit start. Make sure it’s also set to automatic (it should then start up every time you fire up your PC).

If it’s not there (the other likely possibility), you’ll need to reinstall the service (NOT the game). That’s a convoluted process best found by googling and pulling the instructions from an official site.

As an aside, my DAUpdater is set to automatic and starts up every time I fire up my PC. However, whenever I close out of Dragon Age it stops the process no matter what. If I want to go back and play it during the same session on my PC, I need to manually restart the service.

Well, all but 2 DLC are authorized though, weirdly enough.

Yeah, it was manual, setting it to Automatic and starting it made no difference.

Start up DA and shift+tab out of it, and see if there are any authorization codes that haven’t been entered.

The auto updated is also a likely candidate, depending on what OS and service pack you are running.

I had to do this

Article is slightly out-of-date with file/folder locations pointing to XP and need to be updated to account for Vista/Win7.

Ahh. Totally different issue if some are showing and others aren’t. Glad you found the fix!

The service should only say started when actually running the game. The service should be set to manual, not automatic. The service shouldn’t start with windows, it should start with the game. If the game cannot start the service for some reason, check whether it can if you run the game as administrator. If so, the service’s permissions are set wrong, and you need to fix them with the following command line command, entered in an command prompt that is run as administator:

If running the game as administrator doesn’t allow the service to start along with the game either, something more fundamental is wrong.

I’m having the same issue every time I boot up Dragonage - I’ve found that going into the setup area and using the two lowest options, adding DA to firewall exception and something below that, which I cant remember right now fixes the issue - Until I start next time of course.

edit: I think its clearing cache or somesuch, meaning it has to redownload the dlc’s, but its pretty fast.

Thanks for the tip, but it seems there may be. Perhaps a full reinstall would do the trick.

edit - my problems started when my C: drive turned fubar and I had to swap it out. My guess is a bad registry entry someplace, but who knows. Everything else works well in the game, but it’s annoying so I’ll scrub and reinstall later on.

You could also make a batch file that starts the service, then runs the game. Not as neat as having it work as it should, but less effort than reinstalling.

Bioware’s DLC authentication service is awful. It’s actually held me back from buying ME2 DLC because I don’t want to deal with the hassles. I hope you find a solution to your problem.

One suggestion - check the Bioware forums. They’re full of DLC issue fixes.

The Mass Effect 2 system isn’t the same as the Dragon Age system, or is it?
Mass effect 2 doesn’t have a windows service.
You download the content outside the game and simply run the installer.
The authentication scheme may very well be similar though. I haven’t had any hassle with the free Mass Effect 2 DLC anyway.

The concept behind the DA DLC is pretty neat but it rarely works. When I purchased Witch Hunt last week, I had all sorts of issues with it before it finally and inexplicably worked. Everything from the downloader not working, to the thing not showing that I had purchased the DLC, to the download failing after taking hours and hours to complete, to it suddenly deciding it was ready to go.