PC Game Console Premiering at E3

I don’t mean to keep posting but I just noticed this…


Digital Interactive Systems Corporation will unveil DISCover - a console that plays unmodified PC games - at E3. The company will demonstrate DISCover’s technology for playing unmodified PC games on a console. DISCover consoles - made by a number of consumer electronics firms and PC manufacturers - range from Pentium-class consoles starting at 300 dollars to digital home entertainment consoles starting at 545 dollars. Systems featuring high-end audio systems - the fastest being a Pentium 4 with up to a gigabyte of memory and a 120 GB hard drive - start at one thousand dollars

Could this bring PC gaming to the masses? I wonder if you can upgrade the systems.


Ahh… it looks pretty cool!!!



PS… well initally I thought it looked cool. :cry:

That website is hillarious. Rediculous clip art and fonts, typos everywhere, and they’re using the Nvidia GForce 3 logo on the left but saying the machine has a GForce 4.

And this ignores the fact that playing typical PC games on your TV just sucks. Wow, I can buy an all new PC console (for $400) to play Madden on my TV! Or maybe I should just pick up a PS2 for $199…


Why do you have to hook the system up to a TV screen? Why not a regular CRT or LCD monitor? I’d go that route if I purchased one of these systems.

And yea… the website needs a major overhaul. :D

So, err, how do I play PC games with the four button controller? ;b

A thousand dollars, though? You could buy a gaming rig with similar specs for less, and utilize all the features a real PC provides.


As a game console, DISCover ® is connected to a TV, not to a computer monitor.

Bah, that sucks badly.


That rumbling you hear is the approaching crash…


Can we please find out who the investors in this idea were? I think I finally found the sucke… er, the smart financial whizzes… to bankroll my flight sim!


This had better be a joke or someone’s going to PAY!!

I just heard that Postal 2 is going to be their debut game!!

Does it come with glasses for when your eyes go bad trying to read PC text on a TV?

You can get a regular PC–and a pretty good one, at that–for $1000 these days. Or, you can buy this system, which apparently combines a PC’s shortcomings with a console’s shortcomings, all in one convenient box. Sounds like a success to me!

Eh… jealous Jayson that I stole your thunder?


I was first DAMMIT!!! :evil:

And its Jason, not that gay Jayson spelling.