PC Gamer, Novenber issue

Open it up, and put your nose right in the fold; What is that smell?? It takes me back to the Summer of 1970, and the streets of Madison WI; free dope, free sex, free music!

God, the pleasures of youth! I can’t place the smell, though. Maybe unwashed pits?

Step away from the magazine! Put it down, put it down!

I am concerned for CindySue’s mental health…

Are you sure you didn’t roll your joint on it before you smoked it?

I thought that same thing as you until I realized that’s what happened in my case…

I’m extra concerned because whatever was in that magazine has made CindySue hallucinate about a 13th month.

It’s October… so that means the Feb issue should be on shelves now, right?

“Lousy Smarch weather!”

With a world exclusive review of Duke Nukem Forever, no doubt.

Shit, I remember that Duke Forever game. I think it was also called Daikatana. :roll:

It’s celebrating it’s 10th year anniversary isn’t it?

That’s the stench of burning hyperbole. >.<