PC Gamer Online Read-a-thon



Man, don’t even joke about things like that… :shock:

Wow. Gee. Golly. Maybe when they have articles worth reading on their online site.

I agree the site ain’t the best, but this is about the magazine.

Hopefully, this will lead to a better magazine.

Why is everyone so down on PC Gamer? I love all gaming mags: CGW, CGM, EGM, GMR…

My mistake.

So you guys critique the magazine in a chat session? Interesting idea. What’s on the cover of the latest Gamer?

Doom3 and Half-Life 2. It’s the annual (or what seems like annual) shooter issue.

Nice big preview of Call of Duty to boot. Plus they reviewed AoW:SM, which was oddly missing from the latest CGW issue.

Do we get paid for the market research?

I read PC Gamer this afternoon. I was with you in spirit.

Only in Canadian or Mexican currency. Your choice.

It’s only 7:30pm EST, the thing doesn’t start until 10.

Which can only mean one thing…Timenex Man!

With comedy like this, the read-a-thon is sure to be a wild and wacky time!! Chatting about a gaming magazine, life doesn’t get any better than that.


It’s nowhere near as sweet as posting to message boards about chatting about magazines.

There’s real time bitching.

My comedy is my life.