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Good for them!

I wish CGM would do that too. I feel vaguely dirty buying them with the full back cover being dedicated to farming.

Ya, I wondered why no one mentioned this when the PCG issue came out (a couple of weeks ago). But did I mention it? No, I was over my Qt3 posting limit already…

The truly sneaky thing is that this is on the one hand arguably an ethically good thing to do, and on the other hand this is a competitive maneuver to attempt to cut out gold-farming ad revenue from the whole market. If it works, it could put larger mags (i.e. PCG, at least slightly) at an advantage over smaller.

Still, the more lucrative thing would have been not to do it, and having gotten back into WoW again (my wife got her pet finally and we had a blast last night with our group), I’m in favor of the new policy.

that is fantastic news, way to go vede.


Oh, so you all only want a separation of editorial and ad sales when it suits you, eh?


In the podcast it was compared to a magazine like Entertainment Weekly dropping an ad for a cable descrambler. Basically they believe, correctly or not, that those particular advertisers hurt the industry that they cover.

It’s gonna be a lot tougher for CGM to make this stance as they are independant and don’t have a large publishing company behind them like PC Gamer does. When you’re all alone, it’s hard to turn down a steady advertiser who is in the same industry. I mean, I’m sure they wouldn’t take porn ads (and I know as I used to work there), even though CGW used to. But I just don’t see CGR turning down ads from IGE, even thoguh they are jerks.

I’m just constantly amused that you WoW guys equate IGE with some kind of vicious crime syndicate. What side of the diamond thread were you dudes on?

“u want epic bride? $50 USD u get epic bride!”

Just curious, what’s everybody’s comparative feelings towards the “learn how to tighten up the graphics on Level 3” trade school ads?

They’re stupidly hilarious?

I know gold farmers are one of those things that I’m supposed to be upset by, but I honestly couldn’t care less about IGE. I feel very strongly that a company making an MMO shouldn’t themselves profit from the sale of in-game items or gold, as it creates a conflict of interest and encourages bad game design. But I don’t mind players trading virtual property for real-world property. When you get down to it, money and WoW gold are both produced from time, and as someone with a job, I’d gladly trade the income from an hour’s work to eliminate many hours of boring grind.

I enjoy the vast majority of the WoW experience, but I hate gold farming. Outsourcing that function to someone else is a win-win situation.

I hate grinding for gold so much, I should have an IGE frequent shopper card. I’ve bought it for EQ, EQ2, Eve and WoW. :) For a small amount of cash, you get a big amount of fun twinkage. And it’s all about the FUN. (/rude Tom)

And I’d like to point out that it is entirely possible to design an MMO such that gold selling does not become detrimental to other players.

I’d go a step farther, Extrabags, and argue that gold farming in WoW is detrimental only to other gold farmers. The problem is that not all gold farmers are full-time workers in Asia and Eastern Europe with poor English skills. Some are guild masters and power players, and they tend to be very vocal in their opposition to competition.

On PvP servers the gold farmers will attack players who are encroaching on their territory. They also do things like mine the thorium so that if you’re looking for some, good luck. The water elementals in Felwood are always camped by players who are probably gold farmers. Makes it hard to get an essence of water drop. I wish they’d go away.

Next time please put a little winking emoticon in there to indicate sarcasm. The lack of the little winking emoticon violates articles 4, 17, and 81 of the geneva convention under the heading “PENAL AND DISCIPLINARY SANCTIONS OF FORUM TROLLS” and may require heavy repatriation during negotiations following cessation of hostilities.

That wasn’t sarcasm.

I haven’t played the game, but from what I hear the farmers own FFXXVIII. If you want $uberitem, you have no choice but to buy it from the farmers. How is that a good gameplay experience?