PC gaming Digital Distribution reliability & trust levels


I would be far more inclined to pirate the game than to give them any money. I do not abide by dishonesty and I do not see any reasonable excuse for this simply being incompetence on their part.

Truthfully I do not feel like I am missing anything by not buying Witcher 3. I never could complete the first one since I always got bored somewhere around the end of Act 1. The second was fair but did not really grab me the way that Bioware, Obsidian and other RPGs tend to do.


I never got on with W1 or 2 but 3 is probably the best gaming experience bar none of recent times. Any sort of gamer that lieks any sort of rpg game really is missing out regardless of reason if they don’t play it.

I appreciate your reason for not getting it but unfortunately you cannot say you aren’t missing anything, you are, one amazing game.


I still don’t get where Granath’s problems with GOG support ended up with not playing Witcher 3. It is available on Steam after all.


FWIW Uplay has changed for the better quite a bit lately. I’ve had no problems with it in the last year and half and it seems far less intrusive overall. It’s also the only one of these that has achievements that actually do something in other games as far as I know which would be nice for some people.


I thought CD Projekt owns both. Am I incorrect?


You are correct. Or maybe a parent company owns both, I forget.


I think anything related to gaming and ‘will they be there in 5 years’ is at it’s most optimistic, a maybe. Remember THQ? Pretty sure they would have gotten a probably rating by pretty much everyone before all the ballywho ensued. Not quite the same thing, but you get the drift. Given how top heavy and bottom line aggressive EA is, I think they are actually a good candidate for implosion. It only takes a couple of spectacular failures to start the panic mode behavior in both stock holders and employees, which is a very quick downward spiral in the current market.

Gaming is a volatile business, and regardless of implied security, the enormous investment in AAA can sink even the Titanic of companies. There could also be some yet as unknown market shift or new shiny thing that completely tanks the industry as a whole. I’m sure all the people in the beeper business thought they had it made.

Anyhow, sorry for the slight derail. I trust Steam about as much as anyone, and generally only get my stuff there. This is doubly true now with their refund policy. Given how many great games there are around now, I just don’t really ‘need’ to get anything that isn’t on steam, and I like not having to keep track of 5 different overlays and front ends that clog up my system etc.


Like I say. I’m still here. Started before steam, origin, impulse, the lot of em. Anyone lost the serial code for their copy of Star Miner from 1997? I still have the same email address…
Indies are more stable than most.


Valid points, cliffski & Ultrazen. That’s the kind of dispassionate skepticism that can do everyone some good in here. None of us really know the staying power for any company - it’s all conjecture. Then again, so is trust. I suspect that people would have more trust in cliffski’s downloads being available five years from now than most large collectives. I’d imagine that even if someone lost their serial code and your company went out of business, there would still be some avenue to attempt a recovery. On the flipside, we’ve all seen the nightmares that occur when multiple licenses need to be navigated when one of the larger sites goes the way of the dodo or gets bought out (eg - D2D/Gamefly).


Indies are completely reliant on one person though. You’re just as likely to be taken out by a car as I am. That’s not skepticism so much as odds. There’s always risk.

On another note, Big Fish Games has been around for some time now and never had any issues with them. Now granted, they only sell certain times of games but I sure loved Chocolatair and Fairy Godmother.


I bought a key in cdkeys.com, using Paypal, and 25-30 minutes later I received a nice Paypal phising email, to the email mailbox which I used in my cdkeys account. That was… suspicious.

The phising email


Never had that happen.

However i do have my own story!

I recently bought recore on the windows store. The game didn’t work at all. It had an error and gave a generic error with no information (“something has happened!”). The game has zero support. Official support forums, twitters of xbox/the game/contact us on official site (non functional resulted in zero support from anyone.

So i was basically out of luck with no recourse at all.

I managed to fix my problem by spending hours researching problems people had with other windows store games (it seems like an error relating to xbox live and/or the implementation of syncing with it), but if i hadn’t, i doubt i would have even been able to refund it.

SO i have ZERO trust in the windows store or any purchase i make on it. I Know that it is like rolling the dice and if something happens, i’m probably screwed.


A few new stores emerged since this thread was created, I’ve bought from these 2 and they seem/are legit. Any others we should be keeping an eye on?


The places listed in the sidebar of this subreddit are the legit ones


Oooh nice, you know I never noticed that!


Yeah, it’s pretty much my go-to for deals.


RIP Razer Game Store

We regret to announce that Razer Game Store (gamestore.razer.com) will cease operations on February 28, 2019 at 0100hrs Pacific Time as part of the company’s realignment plans.


I actually bought at least a dozen games from them since they opened. Their weekly deals that came with a $10 voucher were pretty good.

Not even open a year.

April 5th 2018 - February 28th 2019.


Wow, I bought a few things there as well.


I use this site:


to keep track of deals


IsThereAnyDeal, I find, is better because it tracks more stores and has more price history.