PC Gaming in the 2010s - what did I miss?


I just picked up a decent box fan gaming laptop, which is really the first time I’ve had access to a PC for gaming in this decade. I’ve gotten by on a Mac Mini and consoles since 2011, and the Mac Mini was never viable for gaming even among the few ports that made their way to MacOS.

So what’d I miss? I’m trying to remember all the things I planned to check out, but of course I’m only remembering the recent stuff. Like hey, I should check out Into the Breach, and Spintires: MudRunner, and Oxygen Not Included, and… uh… House Flipper?

Hit me with your best recommendations!



That should keep you busy for a while.


Cool! The question is what kinds of games are you interested in? I mean, there are thousands now.


I think we need to know what genres you are interested in. RPGs? Survival? Action? Strategy?

If I had to pick one game that everyone should play it would be Stardew Valley. It does not matter who seems to play that as it is pretty universally loved.


Grim Dawn

Total War: Warhammer


In no particular order, and I don’t vouch for all of these, but they are all generally thought to be great/notable games. Some genres like strategy and MOBA I don’t play at all. Also these are PC exclusives only, as you said you had a console.

  • MOBAs: LoL, DOTA2, HotS, Smite
  • Heroes of Might & Magic series
  • Path of Exile
  • Grim Dawn
  • Starcraft 2
  • Neverwinter
  • Wasteland 2
  • Mount & Blade
  • Elite Dangerous
  • Pillars of Eternity 1 & 2
  • GalCiv3
  • Torment tides of numenera
  • Legend of Grimrock 2
  • Might and Magic X
  • Shadowrun series of CRPGs
  • X-Com & X-Com 2
  • Tyranny
  • Total War: Warhammer
  • Civ 6


Good question! Not a big flight sim or rivet counting kind of guy.

RPGs are good, I don’t love them all and may not get through many since they can be such long games, but I wouldn’t rule any out either.

Action and shooters are good, racing is good but I don’t want anything more serious or “simmy” there than Forza. It’s been a long time since I’ve done much with strategy, either RTS or turn based, and I’ve enjoyed both in the past but almost entirely for single player.

Actually that’s probably a good guideline across genres: I probably won’t care much about anything that only really shines in competitive multiplayer.

I do like Stardew Valley, I bought that on the Switch.


On the RPG front, maybe…


Kerbal Space Program

Rimworld (should be out of early access soon but more than playable now).

Those two games should be enough to last you another decade.


Pillars of Eternity - should I start with 1, or could I jump into 2?


I second these suggestions. I might add

Banished (building)
Cities Skylines (building)
EU IV (grand strategy)
Skyrim (just in case you did not play it)
Endless Legend (4X)
AOW III (4X/Strategy)
Don’t Starve (Survival)
BATTLETECH (strategy)
XCOM with expansions (strategy)
Prison Architect (building)
Motorsport Manager (sports strategy)
American Truck Simulator (driving)
Factorio (strategy)
Ultimate General: Civil War (wargame)


2 is a better game but 1 was amazing in its own right. I would start with 1.


No Man’s Sky. On sale.


Picked that up at launch on the PS4, although since I was starting over already with the Next update, I did double-dip and grab that on the PC as well.


Witcher 3 might be my favorite game of all time.


Cool. And congrats on your new computing device.


I’ve got close to 500 hours played in Factorio. It’s a great game if you like solving problems.


I don’t think you really missed all that much, to be honest with you.




I really enjoyed the Tomb Raider reboots.