PC Gaming in the 2010s - what did I miss?


Arise thread!

After months of scouting for an affordable copy, I finally got one:

Can’t wait to try Midgard!


God, I hope it lives up to my hype. I just remember it being super awesome. Please, keep me informed.


Don’t worry, it was worth it. It also came with this.

All for around $20, which is a freaking steal. Civ2 Gold can barely be found for less than $30 on its own.


So, does it hold up? Inquiring minds need to know.


Well, I got it running, and had no idea how to do anything, so I’m reading through the really big manual.


Manual? That’s for other people. Just dive in!


But I love reading manuals!

Plus, truth be told, I can’t tear myself away from Assassin’s Creed: Origins right now. ;)


Are the RPG elements in this strong? Ive read a few snippits that its very action rpg! Which imagining Assassin’s Creed with RPG elements is REALLY hard to resist…even if its not as Assassin’s Creed good as some of the other games (which Ive also read)


They’re strong enough that, with a constant stream of things to find on the map, plus new gear to find/win/buy, it’s a wonderful carrot-on-stick scenario. Did the earlier games not have RPG elements?


Who needs RPG elements when you can play as bird people in Civilization 2, or ride Dophins (a transport unit).


The first had things you could buy, but didn’t have stats that evolved abilities, that is a big part for me and braching storylines ideally


Oh I dunno about branching storylines – only 11 hours in, which is a lot for me – but it’s got the RPG stuff in there preeeettty good.


Finally dove into Midgard yesterday. Wow, insane, and awesome.


I’m glad it was worth it. I’m always hopeful that Civilization would try to recreate it, and Fall From Heaven 2 was pretty good, but sadly, I don’t think anyone did anything at the scale for Civilization 5 or 6.

I’ll try to find a legit copy of it some where (the copy I played belonged to my older brothers) for myself if it really is better than just another nostalgia high.


Yeah, totally worth it. Also glad I got the Civ2 gold edition, since it also comes with some neat scenarios like XCOM Jr. and Master of Magic Jr., they call them


Civilization II Test of Time is probably my favorite game of the Civilization series. It’s good to hear that gamers are still enjoying it.


Did they ever fix MoM Jr.? I noticed many years ago, the tech tree for Chaos was missing it’s initial tech, so it wouldn’t work.


I don’t know. To be honest, I haven’t been following the game for some time. Or playing it. But now that it’s been brought up, I will try to get it up and running on my Windows 10 PC.


Test of Time loaded up without any issue in Win10, but I’ve not tried Civ2 Gold yet. I’ll see if I can try today or tomorrow and report back.


Thanks for letting me know, Brian. I have downloaded patch 1.1 in preparation for the installation of Civ2ToT but I will try running the game first before patching it.

When I went to take my retail boxed game off the shelf, I discovered a brand new retail copy of Civilization II: Test of Time sitting beside it. Apparently I liked the game so much that I had bought an extra one for backup and had forgotten all about it until now. :P