PC Gaming in the 2010s - what did I miss?


Did they ever fix MoM Jr.? I noticed many years ago, the tech tree for Chaos was missing it’s initial tech, so it wouldn’t work.


I don’t know. To be honest, I haven’t been following the game for some time. Or playing it. But now that it’s been brought up, I will try to get it up and running on my Windows 10 PC.


Test of Time loaded up without any issue in Win10, but I’ve not tried Civ2 Gold yet. I’ll see if I can try today or tomorrow and report back.


Thanks for letting me know, Brian. I have downloaded patch 1.1 in preparation for the installation of Civ2ToT but I will try running the game first before patching it.

When I went to take my retail boxed game off the shelf, I discovered a brand new retail copy of Civilization II: Test of Time sitting beside it. Apparently I liked the game so much that I had bought an extra one for backup and had forgotten all about it until now. :P


Distant Worlds Universe
Fallout 1 and 2


Fallout 1 and 2 were 1997 and 1998 :)

Still, fantastic games that fit in well for that (golden?) period of PC gaming.


This thread is a good reminder that strategy games and some indie games are the only things that are PC exclusives anymore.

@WhollySchmidt, did you ever check out Grim Dawn after so many recommendations in this thread? Or are you waiting for the console version that’s coming soon, hopefully?


I had not looked closely at Grim Dawn, glancing at a video it looks like fun though. Not sure why I didn’t put that on my wishlist earlier in the thread.

Edit: I guess I missed your original Grim Dawn recommendation post earlier referencing Titan Quest, 5 minutes ago I couldn’t have even told you what genre Grim Dawn was. I think I probably thought it was some kind of Warhammer RTS? But seeing it’s more of a Diablo/Titan Quest style thing, it does look cool.


Yeah, somehow it ended up being my favorite ARPG ever. In a world where the Diablo games exist, it seems highly unlikely, and yet, this game managed it. Grim Dawn is just really good, and it continues to get better. The Ashes of Malmouth expansion was superb, and they’re coming out with a new expansion on March 27th.