PC gaming is dead

Long live PC gaming!

PC Gaming will die once the Dreamc^H^H^H^H^H^HPlaysta^H^H^H^H^H^H^HX-Bo^H^H^H^HX-Box 360 comes out.

edit- But now it makes sense.

There are an awful lot of games on that list that I’m excited about. And like I said before, 2006 is going to be Year of the RTS. (and I mean that totally in a good way; there haven’t been this many RTS games that I’ve been looking forward to… well, pretty much ever).

I wonder if Dragon Age will actually make it out this year. I guess we’ll have a better idea around E3, if they show it.

Hey theres some great games on there that I’ve never even heard of, but I’ll be suprised if spore and society actually make it out this year.

I think I need to upgrade to a net new pc before the year is out.

Holy moly, that Rise of Legens shot is nice. I’ve only seen a few screens so far and they were hot but…bwagah. Yeah I think that sums it up.

PC gaming may live on but can someone do something with it’s grammar? “Reasons why it’s worth to be PCgamer in 2006”?

Anyway, looks like a great year for the “Games about war and the Sims” platform.

Woah, all that shit is supposed to come out in 06? I mean, sure, some of it will slip and all, but Jesus Christ. There is some really good looking stuff in there.

How did I miss all these games? a space sci-fi RPG? JA-3? Hellgate: London? I count on your guys to feed me all this great stuff and I’ve been let down. I’ll bet it’s all those damned WoW threads. Someone should start a poll about that or something.

Chris Woods

Is it even possible for big, experienced developers to score below the 7-9 scale at gamespot?

I cant wait for Hellgate : London. It looks afrigginmazing.

Might wanna proofread your sentence there, Mikey. :P

I was…um…proving a point. Yeah, that’s it.

So, um, PC games are great, right?

Yeah, their awesome.

It may be dead but is it d0med?



Hell, I was afraid it was vaporware. Glad to see it’s apparently still in the works.

When did Groove Games become a major developer, was it when they published Playboy the Mansion a third rate sim rip off?

By the way, thanks for the link. Scrolling down that thread is turning into a religious experience…

Wait until Vista ships and build a new PC with a DX10 graphics card, dual-core CPU, and Windows Vista. :)

I do not have nearly the disposable income I need for all the games on that list I want to try.