PC gaming is dead

That thread reminds me that one of the pure joys of being a gamer is ogling screenshots – even if one will never play 10% of the games one is drooling over. Reminds me of the old days when I pored over an Electronic Games magazine circa 1983, staring in blissful agony at an almost arcade-perfect Donkey Kong screenshot for the Colecovision, daring to hope against all reason that the Atari 2600 version might look similar…

It kind of reminded me of the cave part from the OMM Rune review only with wargames instead of caves. Wargame, wargame, wargame, wargame, dark wargame, space wargame, lava wargame, fantasy wargame, The Sims, lava space wargame, wargame, economic simulator (wargame without the war), Nali village, wargame, wargame, sewer, WWII wargame, tall wargame with the ceiling removed, wargame, dungeon, wargame.

I mean games with big chances of scoring at least AA, while extremely small chances of scoring below 7.

Man. We were bitching about the 0-100 scale. This dude’s rating scale is hardcore. He’s scoring games in [I]hexadecimal.


Dragon Age is definately not coming out in 2006, but its nice to be on the list with all those others.

Just a couple of comments:

  • I think PC gaming is definitely on the upswing again. I particularly love that the fantasy/WWII trend seems to be giving way to Sci-Fi, at least for a bit.

  • 3D graphics are finally starting to compete with 2d animation in terms of style. At the very least, I will enjoy looking at these games.

Even just looking at the strategy section (all I really care about) there’s a lot of crap or “big deal” on that list. Anno3? American Conquest? Ancient War: Sparta? Imperivm? Generic WW2 RTS Mk VII? You could make a similar list, I’m sure, for each of the last five years. This one isn’t all that special.

Not that there aren’t some great looking games on that list. Rise of Legends, the new Combat Mission, GalCiv…


I noticed that the Combat Mission series is AAA and Afrika Korps is AA.

I hope we get a new Jagged Alliance this year, that would be nice.

Sad to see that people still can’t tell the difference between publisher and developer :/

Possibly, but last year we were scratching in the sand to find even passable RPG’s, for instance …

There seem to be a number of ‘at least decent looking’ games there.


I like these PC Gaming is dead threads, without them there’d be nothing here but WoW threads and Civ 4 threads.

Of course those all lead back to how WoW and Civ 4 prove that PC Gaming isn’t dead … so it is all incestuous …

No way. WoW and Civ IV prove that PC gaming IS dead. And they are the reason.

Well, if it takes one of the greatest videogames in history to kill PC gaming, I guess I can live with that.

See … I told you, it’s all back to ‘Daddy says I’m the best kisser’ again … (ref?)



Huh? Are you saying because they are so popular they are destroying the market because now we’ll get nothing but WoW and Civ4 knockoffs or something?

There have always been huge mega titles that dominate the conversation for a while. Sure, dominant games cause knock off mania in the market and you can look at that as potentially ruining the market for actual innovation. But this is hardly new. Back in the usenet days in any games group at least once a quarter there’d be complaints that some game is dominating the board and calls to split off a group for it. Then a few weeks or months later the next thing would hit. The market goes on. People still have a passion to play pc games, and people still have a passion to make pc games. Trends may change sometimes for the worse (I want my flight sims back, where are the flight sims, don’t people have joysticks anymore), but they will keep going and keep changing.

Rock is dead, long live rock!

I’ll argue that the PC market is growing. It just isn’t growing into what it was before.


PC Gaming is dead!

Long live PC Gaming!

I hope you’re talking about Civ4.

Oh I’m sorry that I assumed the company with a few games on their website was the major developer you were refering to.

I didn’t know you considered the smaller co developer of some of the unreal games to be a MAJOR developer. Too bad when those uncredited co developers make a slip and put out crappy games. I can’t believe gamespot smacked down the work of an unknown company like that.

I assumed that when you talk major developers you talk ensemble studios, criterion, naughty dog and such. You know places where they make games not temp agencies for programmers.

I think you can make a legitimate argument about WoW. It’s pulling a ton of money away from other games. It’ll be responsible for killing a lot of existing MMO’s. It’ll also be responsible for a bunch of other games, a list that very much includes a bunch of MMO’s, not even being made. The interesting part of the argument, I think, lies between “WoW is killing the PC” and “WoW is going to change PC gaming forever”.

Civ 4, on the other hand, is exactly what the PC needs more of: a wonderfully designed PC exclusive. If there were more Civ 4’s in the world, the growth of PC gaming for folks other than Blizzard wouldn’t really be an issue.

None to date.