PC gaming not so domed?

Renewed committment by MS and mention of an online distribution system developed by MS - http://www.next-gen.biz/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2238&Itemid=2

Is it really necessary to always have an active thread discussing the relative domedness of PC gaming? I shouldn’t have to read through a bunch of poorly researched and unsubstantiated opinions to find out how domed PC gaming is on a given day. Couldn’t we just have something like the Terror Alert Index or the weather summary instead?

We could have a clock, like the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. My dad was an atomic scientist, and I always thought that clock was way cool.

Remember, it isn’t that Microsoft cares about PC gaming, they are just trying to make sure you pony up for Vista!

Of course they care about PC gaming. They’d rather you play games on your windows PC than a PS3, that’s for damn sure.

I don’t get the whole “PC gaming is domed” thing. I mean, yeah, the PC market sucks right now, and most developer attention seems to be focused on consoles. But common sense tells me that as long as people have computers in their homes, people are going to try to sell you games to play on them.

Yes, but the question is whether they’ll be bothering to sell you a game in the form of a $50 retail SKU when their time could be better spent on other, more profitable, ventures. Like console games.

The PC segment’s retail decline is well-documented. As a product, a PC game has a lot of negatives that other games don’t. It’s hard to see the trend reversing, I’d be impressed with a levelling off.

They also have a lot of positives that other games don’t have. And for many of us, the positives greatly outweigh the negatives.

And if it turns out that the PC market has to switch distribution channels to survive, so what? I still get games, right?

I agree that PC games have a lot of challenges when compared to consoles - but that’s why I think PC games are going to sort of grow away from console games. I think when PC developers stop trying to be so cutting edge with their technology and instead try to reach as large a segment of the PC user base as possible is when we’ll see a resurgence. Blizzard seems to have had this figured out for a while - their graphics tech is always somewhat behind the cutting edge, but they’ve got art, interface and gameplay design down. Their success speaks for itself.

Also, the indie PC scene really interests me both because the developers are trying alternate distribution and for the sort of “hobbyist/experimental” feel the games have. Some of my favorite franchises from the 80s/early 90s were born out of what were originally hobbyist efforts.

So what level would you say it’s at now? (Post console launch, domed threads sighted) Well Irrational is making BioShock for 360 so I guess were code Yellow.

Yeah I’d say we’re Code Yellow, and with the story in the original post, we’re leaning more towards Blue than Orange.

At least it’s not another WoW thread.

Awesome, BooTx!

And, yeah, we’re definitely Yellow until Sony starts talking up the PS3 some more.


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Hey, I own well over 100 PC games, so I’m sold on the positives. My statement was about the retail channel, and the challenges PC games posed as opposed to Gameboy or PS2 games. My short list: (1) compatibility issues, (2) registration/software key issues, (3) non-standard packaging, and (4) inability to take them in trade for high-margin resales.

You sir, win at the internet.

I have a love-hate relationship with PC gaming, and it tends to coincide with my shiny new PC purchases. Since I recently built a new PC Im in the love it phase now. In the end, most of my favorite games are PC but if I never had a console I wouldve missed out on some amazing stuff. I dont think PC is domed at all, though, theres just not much overlap.

Before publishers go crazy for Steam-like mechanisms itd be nice if they started putting out more damned DVD versions of their games (and not charge extra for them). I bought two games - FEAR and Call of Duty 2 - that were on a combined 11 discs. 11! Come on.

I do love that game maufacturers require you to have a graphics card and CPU that outperform that new IBM doodah they use for weather prediction but insist on shipping on CDs “for compatibility” (or is there some other reason now?).

I haven’t upgraded my CPU or graphics card in nearly two years, but I’m my 3rd DVD drive.