PC GoTY 2003

SO like, yeah, its almost over, 2003. Like what you think is GoTY?!?

My pick goes to Hidden and Dangerous 2.


Rise of Nations… KoTOR if ports count.

Call of Duty

QT3: The Game

I think H&D2 is a great game but ultimately my GOTY has to go to Tron 2.0.

I thought a Tron game would have been a terrible choice but the way Tron 2.0 managed to pull it off in style with fantastic graphics, sound, and story was amazing.

Honorable Mentions
Call Of Duty
Age Of Mythology
Hidden & Dangerous 2
X2 - The Threat
Flight Simulator 2004
IL2 Forgotten Battles
Rise Of Nations (have they released a working patch yet ? I am still playing this unpatched due to problems with the patches)
Galactic Civilisations (damn forgot this one)
Vietcong (argh forgot this one too)

There have been so many great games this year.

I always have trouble remember what was released in the first half of the year. Invariably I get confused about whether certain games were released in late 2002 or early 2003.

goes to check MobyGames…

  • Alan

PC GOTY: Dominions 2

Runners up…

-Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic
-Tron 2.0

Honorable mentions…

-Geneforge 2
-Savage: The Battle for Newerth
-Diablo 2: 1.10
-Galactic Civilizations

Console GOTY: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Runners up…

-Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

Honorable mentions…

-Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
-Morrowind GOTY Edition

(NOTE: These are just amongst the games I’ve played–I haven’t touched Prince of Persia, or NWN:HotU, or any sports or racing game this whole year.)

Silent Storm

Also best Russian game ever if you discount Tetris…

PC: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Consoles: Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time

Overall: Internet version 4.0

PC GOTY: Call of Duty


Action: Max Payne 2

Strategy: Showdow Magic

Mutliplayer: Day of Defeat Retail

Wargame: Korson Pocket

Other Titles:
Prince of Persia

Console GOTY: Super Mario Bros. Advance 4 (or whatever it’s called): Super Mario Bros. 3/PSO I&II (from EGM, at least)

Prince of Persia
Mario Cart: DD
Soul Caliber II

My nominations are:

Rise of Nations
Need for Speed: Underground Bitches and Hos
Lock ON: Modern Air Combat
Warlords 4
Age of Wonders 2: Shadow Magic
TRON 2.0
Tiger Woods 2004
Madden 2004
X2 - The Threat
Dark Age of Camelot: Trials of Atlantis
C&C: Zero Hour
Lords of Everquest (giggle)
Broken Sword 3

And the award go to - the envelope plase:

Lock On: Modern Air Combat for having the most ambition and coming the closest to pulling it all off!

So far, KotOR would be my pick, easily. I hear Dominions 2 is good, but haven’t played much yet. Planetside deserves an honorable mention, in spite of the sifficulties they’ve had attracting players (it’s simply a fantastic design).

GOTY: KotOR, with Tron 2.0 as runner-up.


I just realized I didn’t care much about a single game this year. Wow.

Oh, I guess GalCiv counts, that was pretty fun. One weak-ass year for my gaming tastes. I can’t really get into KOTOR for some reason.



I really can’t make this call until we find out if Universal Combat ships this year or not.

PC game-related utility of the year:


Console game of the year:

Nothing stands out. Not really excited about console offerings this year. Next year looks pretty cool.

Portable game of the year:

Wario Ware. It’s like they turned M.A.M.E. into a game.

I’ll throw my vote in for KotOR, although Call of Duty was impressive (albeit short and not much of a deviation from Medal of Honour).

Sort of like KOTOR. Both games weren’t groundbreakingly new, but took something old and perfected it.

If Dom2 hadn’t been released, I think GalCiv would have been my game of the year. As it is, Dominions 2 is so far ahead of every other game that it’s not close. It’s quite frankly the best game design I’ve seen in years. Or maybe ever.