PC GOTY so far - I know I'm premature

With 10 months gone into the year I just wondered what everybody’s PC GOTY is so far?

I would probably vote for XCOM2: war of the chosen.

I’m trying Divinity: Original sin 2 next which may dethrone it.

So far.

Nier Automata is the clear frontrunner for me.

PUBG. Nothing is even close.

I finished like 45 games this year, way more than usual, but none that I would give 10/10.

Closest is Prey though. Prey is my goty and I am pretty sure nothing is going to take it down.

DLC with bad teeth is goty?

Oh that’s easy, Mass Effect: Andromeda.

bad teeth sailed over my head, i do like the idea of arguing with someone’s opinion by belittling an expansion as nothing more than a DLC, that would fit right in the steam forum

right now i’d go with XCOM2: WOTC

So what’s your choice then?

Tacoma, probably.

I think the only 2017 game I have played so far is Horizon: Zero Dawn (on PS4, not PC, obvos).

I guess that makes it my GOTY!

I still have 2 months to play PREY , AC Origins, WOLF 2, it will probably be one of them.

Persohhhh you said PC. Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, I guess? As someone who has been 90% PC and 10% console for the last several years, this year has been flipped. Lots of Switch and a couple monster RPGs on the PS4 have dominated my gaming, at least until Path of Fire came out.

Someone needs to provide a list. Which were 2017?

Edit: Ok, I read the What Are You Looking Forward To In 2017 thread. Maybe Elex or Sniper Elite 4. Dishonored 2 was last year apparently, so maybe the newer one. I played the Prey demo and it seemed like… hard work :/ AC Origins seems like it must be MOTS, but you never know… I can’t be bothered picking D:OS 2 back up - seemed, well, boring. So by a process of elimination, I get to those two. War of the Chosen was good, but it wasn’t new.

Likely LOGistICAL tied with Titanfall 2 for me.

Space game wise, it’s a tough call. Maybe Battlestar Galactica Deadlock or Star Fleet Armada.

Nier Automata

Prey for me, far and away. That level design was off the charts.
Hob, the zelda-like platformer is a runner up.

I think I need to revisit Prey at some point. On paper, it seems like something I’d really love, but I just bounced off that one hard.

You guys are all so wrong.

Afghanistan '11 is far and away the best game of 2017.

Cryptark. No contest.