PC GOTY so far - I know I'm premature


Derpspace: Hangar Module. Nothing else comes close.


The current top three are :

Helium Rain
Field of Glory 2
Ghost Recon Wildlands

we shall see if that holds :)


Curious about Helium Rain. Is it really that good?


Yes. Yes it is.


Age of Rivals might be the only digital game released in 2017 I will play in 2017, but I really, really liked it!!



@midnight.mangler It is one of the very rare works of SF gaming which strikes its own path. The setting, the mechanics. They are unique. It reminds me in a way of Captain Blood , not in terms of gameplay but in the way it finds its own world you know? Its not another star wars/trek setting. Its something much stranger. I dig it.


The beauty of it is that it’s so deep, new, detailed and magical, yet still MANAGEABLE thanks to an excellent tutorial and a sublime UI. I really can’t gush enough about it.


Looks real good. Wishlisted.


There are two of us!


Currently it would be Mass Effect: Andromeda for me as well.


If I haven’t played any of the Mass Effect games yet, should I start with this one if I’m only ever going to play one in the next 5 years? I have all 4


Reminder that this was added to EA Access. Pay $5 for a month and it’s included.


You can play Andromeda without playing the original trilogy…but I have to say you are doing yourself a disservice by only selecting one. The original trilogy is good and should not be skipped.

Now back on thread topic…my picks for this year would either be Mass Effect Andromeda or Assassin’s Creed Origins. I’ll be able to choose once I finish Origins.


If you’re only ever going to play one? Yeah, I’d go Andromeda. I think they’re all great, though I’m a bit of an outlier. Some might say fanboy.


Dont play PC games much anymore…so it would have to be Slime Rancher.


May I suggest going with KOTOR2, if you haven’t played it?


Oh come now. You can’t tell me ME1 is worse than a game that doesn’t even have an ending.


Hmm. How does it compare to something like Elite Dangerous? Or X3? It looks very similar from screens alone.


More detailed and contained than Elite. Way easier to grok than X3.


That needs to be their opening line in Steam then. Sounds like good stuff!