PC GOTY so far - I know I'm premature


Sadly, KOTOR2 featured a bad ending as well, instead of none :(


Thanks guys. Helium Rain is ACQUIRED!


Now that is a comparison I wasn’t expecting. Interest piqued, if only to check the weirdness factor…


Playing Captain Blood again a couple of years ago, while the main game wasn’t very thrilling (the minigames didn’t age well, but they were more fillers to what was a moodmaking game in my opinion), I was surprised at how lively the interactions with the aliens, using that icon based language, still felt. No game tried at that since then?


I can’t help but feel this year was a bit weak on the PC front.


Well I’ve not played Andromeda, it doesn’t sound very appealing to me.

As for which of the other games to play, tricky. Mass Effect 3 is one of my favourite games of all time, but I think only because I played the first two games. And the Mass Effect 1 and 2 are some janky-ass-shit.

If you have time to play 50-60 hours of bad sci-fi shooter, play the whole trilogy. If not, just play 3 and read the comic that summarises the first two game.


Wow, I could not disagree more. I thought it was a banner year for PC games, and that’s not including the many PC games I’ve not played yet.


Man, I fuckin’ love Mass Effect 1 and still see it as the best in the series by a mile. Nothing else ever came close to the RPGish tinkering, the sense of wonder and awe the game’s visuals and music inspired, the sense of genuine discovery and camaraderie, and the satisfying “IN YOUR FUCKIN’ FACE, YOU COUNCIL NOBS” conclusion of the game’s ending for me. ME2 was a solid 8.5/10, and I never even finished ME3 after hearing how the ending would ruin the series for me from so many people, but ME1 remains one of my all-time favorite games.

Just, ya know, to provide @Chappers an alternative view :)


Also could not disagree more. This has been an exceptional year for PC gaming.




All the things you say are true (although I’d argue ME3 does them all better), but the jank! The terrible combat (which is most of the game time)! Ugh.

ME2 improves on ME1 in a lot of ways, but it also dumps all pretense that these are cRPGs in any traditional sense. The combat mechanics are actually pretty good, but the level design is terrible. The story is total crap, who am I working for now, why? And more jank.

Shit dude! ME3 has one of the best ‘endings’ in video games. Sure, there’s like one weird cutscene that makes no sense and a terrible reveal dialog, but it ruins nothing. The thing to understand about ME3, and this might get to the original question above, but it’s like two thirds ending. There’s so many endings to practically every story arc and character from the series. It’s so rich in great payoffs. Oh and they finally figured out level design, so the combat’s fun. Get this game played! Still some jank.

Edit: Wait, what’s this thread about? Oh, sorry guys.


I actually feel the same way, but I have a feeling it’s 10 year old mechanics probably haven’t aged all that well and would feel archaic to someone jumping into the series with our advanced 2017 ways. Andromeda has some really great shooting fun, even if it’s story isn’t as cool as ME1’s was.


Yeah, brace yourself before jumping into this one. On the positive side, it’s a relatively short game…


Ah, but you see, since ME3 is probably the last AAA game I’ve played, and it and ME2 are probably the only AAA-tier games I’ve played from this decade, I can’t imagine how games today might be in any way better!


Wow. You win, I guess.


You and I might not, I’m just trying to look at this from the point of view of someone who never played a Mass Effect game. I love all the stuff that first game did - I loved exploring all those empty planets that everyone else seemed to find boring. But I think Andromeda has a lot of updated options and legitimately great combat which, much as I love the game, ME1 just didn’t have. I’d say if someone tried out Andromeda and enjoyed it, consider digging into the back catalog.


Not trying to pull the I Am Le Elite Aesthetics Indie Connoisseur card or anything; it’s just that I don’t have a lot of time for PC gaming anymore, and stuff like Assassin’s Creed, Ghost Recon, CODBLOPS, Far Cry, etc. just don’t really catch my interest, and the end result is I basically haven’t played a modern $100m style game, erm, ever. So I probably have a pretty massive blind spot WRT to ME1’s jank.


Well haven’t played any of those games either. But if ME1 is a ‘AAA’ game, then so is The Witcher 3 and Bloodborne, and those games are insane.


*whistles innocently*

It’s probably worth noting I’ve barely played any new PC games in the last 4-5 years and I have no idea why I’m in this thread except to rant wildly about how ME1 is the greatest modern era RPG ever ;-)


OK guys, thanks for the advice on Mass Effect, I will play Andromeda first. Now can we get back on topic or the creator of this thread is going to get very angry with me? ;)