PC makes high pitched annoying sound

My PC is making a very high pitched sound. It not easily noticeable as its quite faint, but when its very annoying.
Shutting down the PC isn’t enough to stop this, It ceases only when it’s unplugged.

I’d really like to pinpoint the culprit before I start switching healthy components. My first bet is its may the power supply. What do you think?

How many fans in the case?
Fans can make all kinds of noises.
You might think about going through and turning them off systematically to see if that isolates it.
Cheap and easy to check.

That could be either the power supply, the motherboard or both. Doubt it’s the motherboard as the cheap capacitors used in pre 2004 motherboards have disappeared from modern versions.

If it’s the power supply I’m sorry to say that’s how it’s designed. You’ll have to buy a new one that has been tested to not exhibit this behaviour. Even for PSUs that don’t exhibit the whine during normal operation and when powered off, most will emit the whine during standby. I was so annoyed with this on my previous PC (2003-2005) that I researched the phenomenon and shelled out a premium for a less annoying PSU

I agree, try swapping out the PSU first for one you have lying around or in another PC (or a friends you can borrow?), just make sure it is enough for your configuration (so enough juice for all your components etc).

I had similar symptoms a few years ago on one of my machines. It was faint at first, and intermittent, then got more frequent and louder.
Replaced the power supply, and all was well.
I lived with it a couple of months before replacing it, but in retrospect, I should have done it right away. If I had waited until the PSU finally gave up the ghost, it may have taken other components along with it. So I wouldn’t put it off longer than you have to.
And of course, don’t replace it with a cheap one. Those cheapies can be quite expensive in the long run.

Capacitor whine in the power supply.

Google Silent PC Review to find a power supply (and other components) that don’t have these issues.

I know your pain, Little noises like that can drive me nuts as well, the good news is that power supplies can be swapped out pretty easily.

Thanks for the replies, I’ll try the power supply switch.

Or, even quicker, just power down fully, disconnect all the PSU leads and put the mains power back in. That way you can tell if it’s the PSU or something else in the PC without needing the direct swap :)